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Wedding Escape Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Ditch Your Bride

Don’t want to get married? That’s no problem, because Firebird Games’ iOS and Android title Wedding Escape lets you escape your wedding by matching coins and diamonds, and moving on to the next level. Doing so also gets you some nice power-ups, as you collect up to 60 characters and boost your score while playing against friends, or against players from other parts of the world. In other words, this is a puzzle game where the ultimate goal is to ditch your partner at your own wedding. So with that having been said, let’s bring you some Wedding Escape cheats, tips and strategies to help you out when playing this game.

1. Change Color Of A Tile, Or A Set Of Tiles

You’ve got to give it to Firebird Games – they’ve come up with a Match 3 puzzle game that isn’t really a Match 3 puzzle game in the traditional sense. That’s because you’ll be changing the colors of tiles, or sets of tiles, to create matches of three or more pieces. These matches have to be made in a straight line, and you have to match a certain number of tiles in a row so you can make it to the next stage.

2. Prioritize Matching Gold Tiles

Silver or gold tiles alike can be matched, but if you can, focus your energy mainly on matching gold tiles, as they’re worth more. Then again, you can match silver tiles too if you’ve got a lot of them, though this will cost you one move. You want to keep this in mind, as you only have so many moves to use in any given level.

3. Clear Out Tiles With Numbers

If you notice a tile that has a number next to it, you have to clear that tile out as it’s going to be worth more than a single tile. In fact, its worth will be the same as the number next to it. Take this simple example – a tile with a three next to it would be worth three tiles once cleared out. Using this Wedding Escape strategy is a great way to finish a level with as little moves as possible.

4. New Characters Don’t Impact Gameplay

At the end of the day, Wedding Escape is a very casual mobile game, and with that in mind, the new characters the game promises do not make any difference at all when it comes to gameplay. They don’t have special skills or certain strengths and weaknesses, so whether you’re playing as the bride, the policeman, or any other character available, it’s all going to be the same in terms of gameplay.

5. Be On The Lookout For Secret Characters

There will be certain characters you have to find, as opposed to buying them, so always be on the lookout. Right now, we don’t have any tips on how to find them, but for now, it’s something you can definitely look forward to as a gamer.