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Cooped Up Tips & Cheats: 5 Awesome Tricks You Need to Know

Nitrome’s new mobile title, Cooped Up, is an interesting, if slightly casual game that comes with an interesting storyline. As the latest addiction in (an) exotic bird sanctuary, your goal is to fling yourself up, up, and away, though you’ll be running into more than a few challenges, such as birds that have been cooped up for too long. In the game, which is available for Android and iOS platforms, you can also stop for snacks along the way, just as long as you avoid the birds and other obstacles. As Nitrome puts it, this is a “twanging” game, and while it can be fun, it can also be a bit annoying if those jealous birds keep making your sanctuary experience an unpleasant one. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of Cooped Up tips and tricks to help you get further and deal with rival birds much better.

1. Watch Out For The Different Type Of Birds

Yes, all the other birds in the sanctuary are jealous of you, but there are different types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Standard birds, for starters, are of the same size as your bird, and are relatively easy to dodge. If you land on the same perch as one, they’ll move toward you right away. Fat birds move a lot like standard birds do, but their size makes them slow. They make up for their lack of speed by being wide, and being a bigger distraction on perches. Dash birds, as you may expect, are fast and sneaky – you can find them on the far right or far left, and after they take a look around for a bit, they’ll dash to the other side. Wait till they’re done dashing before you take a leap.

2. Be Aware Of Chaser Birds

There are two other bird types you have to be on the lookout for in Cooped Up. Flying birds don’t consciously chase you, but rather fly back and forth, with no variance in their flight patterns. Easy-peasy – they’re the easiest birds to stay clear of in this game. Lastly, chaser birds are the exact opposite – they fly with purpose and are especially aggressive. They have huge, bulgy eyes, and are a must to avoid, because landing on the same perch would have them chasing you to no end. This is where you truly have to jump quickly, and make sure you can lose them by flying far ahead.

3. Don’t Jump Too Quickly

Cooped Up is a game that tests your reflexes, which would require you to act quick in certain situations, though you shouldn’t rush your moves either. Taking your time and “looking before you leap,” as the saying goes, allows you to time your jump properly, based on the type of bird you may be encountering.

4. Snack On Bugs

If the coast is clear, then feel free to snack away on those bugs. You’ll even get a ten-perch boost for free if your star meter is filled up. However, golden bugs are the tastiest (and rarest) “treat,” as they’ll allow you to revive yourself if you crash into an obstacle.

5. Use Small Hops To Change Position

Don’t sweat it if you need to change position just a wee little bit. By moving your finger on the display, you can tweak the direction and force behind your jump. These little tweaks could be what you need to snack on a bug, or gain better position to make a bigger jump.