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Yes, we’ve got another one of those “.io” games for you, and this one does have some similarity to a couple popular games in this vein – This game from Elyland is the mobile MMO version of the game of the same name, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices alike. Your objective is to compete against other real players or against the computer AI in single-player mode, and grow your snake/worm to the point that it becomes the biggest on the board. You can also unlock active skills once you reach certain point thresholds, and collect boosters or power-ups that could help make your worm more massive, attract food, accelerate without losing points, or even turn the mass as a toxic weapon against the other worms on the board.

You shouldn’t have much of a problem playing this game if you’ve played other .io titles, regardless of the maker. The premises, after all, are similar – become bigger than the others, take up a greater share of the board. But if you’re new to these games, you might need some help doing that. That’s why we’re here to help, with these following tips and tricks. Go check them out if you need help in outdoing the opposition!

1. Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Worm’s Size

In order to grow bigger, you’ll need to have your worm eat more small dots, or snake/worm bits, on the board. But take note that this game’s mechanics allow small snakes to have an edge over larger ones by forcing the bigger ones bump onto their side. Conversely, if your snake bumps into the side of another snake, that’s the end for you – you will explode, and your snake’s remains will become food for everyone else on the board. That’s going to start you off from scratch, as a small snake trying to get bigger.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t really matter how big or how small your snake is. What counts is how well you maneuver your snake around the board. And, as an aside, you will certainly notice that the large snakes tend to move slower than the tiny ones.

2. Sit And Wait While The Others Feed

The death of a big snake always sparks pandemonium on the board – all the smaller snakes try and grab bits of the larger one’s remains. That spells trouble, regardless of the size of your snake, so when the others are feeding, you’ll want to sit back and wait until things get calmer, chomping on whatever tiny bits may come your way. Be patient, and don’t worry about losing out on a chance to get bigger fast. And as a reminder of what we mentioned in passing, the larger you are, the slower you’ll get, and you don’t want to be too slow to move back to safety in a board that’s teeming with the opposition.

3. Don’t Move Too Close Alongside Larger Snakes

It can get very, very dangerous if you move side-by-side with a similarly large, or a larger opponent. Although big snakes are slow (yes, that one again), enemies that are right alongside your snake can lure you in, moving your direction in such a way that your head hits their sides. But you can also use this technique to your advantage, as a way to lure the smaller snakes toward your sides. If you see someone moving too close to you for comfort, be careful, as they may be strategizing and trying to catch you in a tight spot.

4. How To Trap Smaller Enemies

By now, you’re probably asking – just how can you trick those smaller snakes into crashing into you? The answer is to go around them in circles until they careen into you and explode. This may take some practice, but once you’ve got the technique down, you can easily lure smaller enemies to their death. You’ll still want to play it safe, though, as it’s hard to pull this off when there are bigger snakes in the area that may have the same thing in mind, possibly with you as a target.

5. What Do The New Skins Do?

By clicking on the social media icons found on your screen, you can share the game and get rewarded for getting social. Your reward will come in the form of new skins, and while they really don’t do much by way of gameplay, they can make your snake easier to distinguish in a board filled with conventional-looking enemies.

6. What Is The Best Power-Up To Use?

There are several power-ups available to you in, but the best one to use would be the one that boosts your speed. You can use this to your advantage when trying to trick snakes into hitting your side, especially when you move alongside your target in parallel, hit the speed boost, and turn the other snake’s way. Again, this isn’t the easiest thing to do in the game, and you might not get it right the first few times around. But this is a fantastic way to take care of bigger snakes.

If you notice there’s someone else using this strategy and moving alongside you in hopes that you catch their sides, you can use the speed boost to go the opposite way and head to safety.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

This game is fun and unique I like it 👍. This is The move I do, first I move around the other player then u stop turn and speed boost and there head while they TRYED to get me/u

lol fam bor

Thursday 27th of February 2020

There is something I call a hook move. You tight turn around their head with using the speed boost, and even though it looks like you are going to run into them, a second before you do, they will hit your tail first. But you have to master the technique.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

@lol fam bor, NM I actually ALWAYS DO THAT


Sunday 13th of March 2022

@lol fam bor, I like ur techniqu imma try it now