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Jelly Cube Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Solving More Puzzles

Jelly Cube – Soft Bomb, or Jelly Cube for short, is a new iOS game that developer ZPLAY describes as a new concept 3D puzzle game that is designed to train your brain. You will be rolling and popping a variety of different jelly cubes, and that’s where the fun begins, as you’ll need to intuitively predict the movements of the cubes and make the right matches in order to make the cubes pop. The game’s description also states that the laws of gravity will play a role in how the puzzles play out – this is a different kind of brain teaser that doesn’t involve words and trivia, but rather logical puzzle solving in a game that may ostensibly seem like another casual, minimalist title for mobile.

If you come to think of it, there are some Match 3 mechanics involved in this game, though they aren’t what you may expect them to be – that’s why this game is so unique, after all. You’re going to have to move a plate in varying directions to make the matches, and that’s where a good deal of the challenge lies. But if you’re up to it, we recommend that you first check out our Jelly Cube strategy guide, to walk you through the basics of this game and then some.

1. The Bare Essentials – How Do You Play The Game?

The game’s objective is to take out as many jellies as you could, and to earn more rewards by completing the quests. So what’s in it for you?

It may sound easy when first explained – swipe up to move the jellies up, swipe down to move them down, and so on. Swipe in a direction and that’s where the jellies will go, sliding down to one side of the plate. Once you’re able to slide three jellies of the same color, adjacent to each other, that will cause them to pop, taking them out of the board and replacing them with a new bunch of jellies that appears randomly on the plate.

Unlike your conventional Match 3 title where time is not an issue, you actually have to think quickly in here, as you have to tilt the plates to move the cubes within a specific period of time, otherwise new cubes will show up, taking up more squares and making it harder for you to come up with a match of three cubes or more. This isn’t your standard Match 3 game where you can take your time; you have to think quickly, and empty that plate ASAP.

2. Hone Your Skills In Practice Mode

While it may seem like a good idea to solve puzzles and complete quests the very moment you can, you might want to start out in practice mode. Hit the practice icon next to the play button, and play with zero stakes and no pressure. Losing a level won’t count against your hearts/lives, so you can feel free to perfect your technique and make as many rookie mistakes as possible.

3. Look At The Position Of Each Jelly Before You Tilt The Plate

Ready to play Jelly Cube after a few rounds in practice mode? If you are, then the first thing you’ll want to do is to look, quickly might we add, to see if swiping up, down, left, or right will result in a match being created. Look at the plate to check for the position of each of the cubes, particularly those of the same color. Tilt the plate toward the direction of those same-colored jellies, and you should be good. And when it comes to those countdown timers, don’t let that pressure you into making rash decisions. The game will give you a couple of seconds to look at the board and check for matches, so it’s not like you have to think that quickly.

4. How Can You Enter Fever Mode?

Jelly Cube has a Fever Mode, which allows you to match only two cubes instead of three. That makes things much simpler, and with the time limits in mind, you should work toward entering Fever Mode if you could.

The key to entering Fever Mode is collecting Fever Values, which will be shown on the board as white stars on the left and right sides of the plate. And it won’t be easy to get those white stars, as you’ll have to string together jelly matches in succession, with two Fever Values awarded per consecutive match. As you’ll need ten Fever Values in all to enter Fever Mode, that means five straight matches.

If you get two or more matches in a row but fail to match jelly cubes, you will lose any stars you’ve earned, and you’ll have to start from scratch and start your string once again from zero.

5. Eventually, You’ll Have To Match More Than Three

Matching jellies and solving puzzles will be a breeze at first once you’ve gotten then hang of things, but at some point, you will have to match more than three jelly cubes to create special jellies. You’ll also need to string combos together to take out a larger number of jellies. So how do you create a combo string or chain? It’s simple in principle – create two sets of same-colored jelly matches in one. For example, that may mean a set of three red jellies and another set of three yellow jellies. Match both of those and you’ve strung your combo together, with some bonus points for your troubles.

6. How To Get Special Cubes

The first special jelly cube is the Dynamite Jelly – you can get this by matching five same-colored jellies. Once you’ve matched five of a kind, you will see the dynamite icon appear on a random jelly. Check the dynamite cube’s color and match it with two like-colored jellies or more, and you’ll set off a cross-shaped explosion that takes out all jellies that are covered in its path.

The Chameleon Jelly is created when you match either six like-colored jellies or two sets of three jellies, e.g. three red and three blue. This jelly is named as such because it matches the color of two jellies next to each other. So if you’ve got two blue jellies adjacent next to each other, and right beside the Chameleon Jelly, the Chameleon Jelly will turn blue, thereby creating an easy match for you. Use this special jelly if you see several matches of two but are having a hard time finding a potential match of three or more.

The Gold Jelly can be matched with two or more same-colored jellies, though you’ll have to act fast on this. You’ll recognize this special piece by the gold coin icon on the cube. Take note of the cube’s color, tilt the plate to match it to two jellies or more of the same color, and earn some gold once you’ve made the match.

Lastly, the Angel Jelly is best used if you’ve got obstacle jellies on the plate – we’re talking about ice or chained jellies as two of the more common types of obstacle jellies you’ll encounter, with two matches needed to destroy the ice jelly and chained jellies being impossible to move. Angel Jellies immediately break ice, and destroy chained jellies, so make use of them if you see those nasty obstacles preventing you from making more matches.

And this completes our detailed guide for Jelly Cube. If you know additional hints for this exciting new game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!