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Ragnarok Clicker Cheats, Tips & Guide to Progress Faster and Maximize Your Clicks

Ragnarok Clicker has just arrived for Android, after debuting recently on the App Store for iPhone/iPad owners and on Steam for PC gamers. Playsaurus and Gravity Interactive have teamed up to release this new game, which brings new life to the heroes and monsters of Ragnarok, an MMO game that was most popular in its country of origin (Korea) and Southeast Asia. If you had played Ragnarok back in the day, you won’t have much difficulty recognizing the characters in this game, though the mechanics are obviously different – this is a clicker game where you will start out with only a Novice friend as your companion, and progress on to adding more members to your party, as you gain more skills and damage per second. You can also gain some valuable bonuses by capturing MVP cards, and level your heroes up with Zeny.

Even if you’re an experienced Ragnarok player, there are some things about this game that you’ll find very different, apart from the ones we mentioned above. So with that in mind, let us take you to our list of Ragnarok Clicker tips and tricks, which should be most useful to first-time players needing some help figuring out the different twists this game has to offer.

1. Your Heroes Will Keep Working Even When You’re Offline

When talking about clicker games, you can farm for more currency and other resources while you’re offline, but you won’t be beating any new levels until you return to the game. Not so in Ragnarok Clicker, where your heroes don’t just earn Zeny while you’re away, but also try to beat any levels you haven’t completed yet, provided you aren’t on farming mode. This is a unique twist that could work to your advantage, but there is a way to earn lots of Zeny and beat more levels without having to wait.

2. Try The Time Lapse Cheat, But At Your Own Risk

That way we were referring to in the tip above is the time lapse cheat, and it might be worth a try if you go to your phone’s settings and change the time by moving it a few hours (or several hours) ahead. Return to the game and you’ll earn currency corresponding to the time you had “lapsed” on the settings. Some have suggested that you can keep repeating this cheat as often as you like, but we’re warning you that game developers often crack down on players who use the time lapse, punishing them, or even perma-banning them from their servers if caught.

3. Spend Your Emperiums Wisely

Emperiums are Ragnarok Clicker’s premium currency, and you can use them to buy Zeny for two Emperiums a unit. That’s not much if you come to think about it, but if you begin to make multiple purchases in the game, you can easily lose track of things. Instead of taking the easy way out, you can save your Emperiums for more important things. You can, for instance, get three transcendent heroes in one go by spending 30 Emperiums – in other words, that’s a progressively higher boost for each time you transcend. 50 Emperiums, on the other hand, will allow you to buy a 2x DPS multiplier – a permanent one, might we add.

4. What Happens When You Transcend For The First Time?

Once you’re able to finally transcend in the game, you will gain access to your first mercenary, whom you can take along with you as you take on quests. These quests will last a certain period of time, with the duration increasing as the quality of rewards does. If you want more mercenaries, you can use your Emperium and spend premium currency on them, or you can have your mercenary go on certain quests to recruit more of them to your cause. Quest rewards may also include DPS boosts and battle manuals, which we shall be explaining a little later on in this guide.

5. How To Prestige In The Game

As any clicker game player knows, prestiging is a rather unusual verb, but that’s the jargon used when referring to the process of resetting your game with some additional bonuses still intact, allowing you to progress faster as you give the game another whirl from the top. In Ragnarok Clicker, prestiging takes the form of the Valkyrie’s Transcend skill. This skill unlocks once she’s at level 150, and using this skill will take you back to square one, albeit with all Emperiums and cards remaining at your disposal, with additional battle manuals.

6. About The Battle Manuals

Battle manuals are used for buying new cards and for leveling up the ones you currently have. But since each manual gives you an additional 10 percent boost in DPS, you will lose a bit of that DPS boost for each manual you spend; you’ll want to balance the benefits of using your battle manuals to buy or upgrade cards, and the benefits of hanging on to them for additional DPS.

And this completes our list of guide for Ragnarok Clicker. Do you know additional tips or tricks for the game? Feel free to leave us a message below in the comment section!