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World of Tanks Blitz Strategy Guide & Tips: A Complete Primer on Winning without Spending Money

Wargaming World’s World of Tanks Blitz has been around for a while, but in case you need more information on what the game is about, it’s a title for Android and iOS platforms that allows you to control more than a hundred tanks in a different kind of massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. It’s a mobile version of the World of Tanks PC game, and with its social element, you can take part in seven-on-seven tank battles against anyone from anywhere in the world. And these aren’t fictional tanks either – we’re talking military vehicles from a number of countries, with four different weight classes. So now that you know what you’re getting into, we shall now give you our World of Tanks Blitz strategy guide to help you win without spending real cash.

1. Know What You Have To Do

Rookie players will always get three tanks, all of which are quite fast, but with only the lightest armor. That puts them at a disadvantage against heavier, more powerful tanks, but as a new player, you’ll have to make do for the moment and play your role in the team. That would usually be for scouting, or for firing at larger tanks’ treads. Also, be sure you’re heading into battle with a good supply of AP bullets (50 bullets) and HE bullets (5-10 rounds), even if you know you’ll mainly be scouting and trying to run rings around the big machinery.

2. Know The Tank Types (Part 1)

There are four types of tanks/weight classes in the game, starting with light tanks, which, as we said above, are best used when scouting the enemy. Medium tanks are the proverbial jacks of all trades and masters of none, and you may end up using this type tank most often as it’s pretty versatile, with no weak points to speak of. But since these tanks are not as fast as small ones and not as powerful as the big ones, you may encounter some disadvantages along the way.

3. Know The Tank Types (Part 2)

As for the other kinds of tanks, the heavy tanks are capable of taking a lot of damage – using a popular terminology in RPGs, you can call them your “tank tanks.” The obvious drawback is that they’re extremely slow, and may even end up taking out your treads. Lastly, tank destroyers are best when dealing out a lot of damage to regular tanks; they can be best compared to snipers, as they can deal damage from afar. Their weakness?Practically everything else aside from firepower.

4. Bring Some Consumables

Consumables play an important role in World of Tanks Blitz, but what are they anyway? For starters, you’ve got the first aid kit, which heals injured members in your crew, the fire extinguisher, and the repair kit, which you’ll use to patch up damaged tanks. These are arguably the three best consumables you can bring with you to battle, though it wouldn’t hurt to bring some of the others.

5. Cover Up But Stay In Motion

Now, that we’re heading to some battle-related tips, we should advise you that it’s always a safe and sound move to take cover. If you’re scouting, or even if you aren’t, you want your tank to move from one covered area to another. And you would particularly want to move once you see the lightbulb in the middle of your device’s display, as that means the enemy has been spotted.

6. Only Fire At The Right Time, At The Right Place

Next, you should only take your best shot when firing at an enemy. It would mainly depend on the tank you’re using as well as the tank you’ve targeted, but it’s good practice to aim at different parts of those enemy tanks. Furthermore, it would be better to find cover first and home in on the enemy before firing. Moving on to where you should take aim, we suggest not firing much in front; the front is usually very difficult to damage, so you’ll be better off taking aim at the rear or on the sides. The zoom feature would be able to show you where exactly a certain tank is weak or strong.

Likewise, you should make use of your agility when operating a light tank, considering what you know through this tip. Don’t allow yourself to get fired at from the rear or on the sides. Face front to absorb the damage without actually getting damaged (immediately), and take note that this also applies if you’re trying to avoid danger and run away.

7. Use The Bullets To Take Out Rival Tanks’ Treads

We did say above that you should bring some HE bullets, especially when scouting. And if you find yourself being dominated by a more powerful tank, you can use those HE rounds to fire at their treads. Bear in mind, however, that they may be smart enough to bring consumables, especially a repair kit; be very vigilant as you get away from the big bad rivals, to be sure they aren’t planning a sneak attack.

8. Don’t Rush For The Base Flag Right Away

While World of Tanks Blitz essentially features capture-the-flag mechanics, it would be a bad case of going for the obvious if you gun for the flag right away. You should find a nice place to seek cover, albeit one where you can see the base. And once the enemy becomes visible, that’s when you can fire from a distance and take care of them before you get their flag.

9. Friendly Fire Isn’t Cool

This game will definitely penalize you if you inadvertently (or purposely, heavens forbid) kill someone on your own team. That will leave you open to be attacked by anyone without any penalty whatsoever (as your name will turn blue), or worse, Wargaming may go ahead and outright ban you from its servers. Sure, most cases of friendly fire in gaming are accidental, but not everyone will see it that way.

10. Tech Tree Basics – Choose A Line For Specialization

It’s generally best to stick to one line in the tech tree or tank size/classification and keep yourself focused on that area. Examples of “lines” include American tanks, which are generally the balanced ones, German tanks, which are usually quite durable with their thick armor, and accurate in firing at the enemy. Russian tanks are generally fast, but have subpar armor.

11. Upgrade Your Tank Based On Your In-Game Strategy

If you’re an offensive player, the first area to prioritize when upgrading would be your guns, followed by your armor. If you’re a scouting specialist, then you want your tank to be faster through mobility upgrades. You’ll be able to earn some in-game money and experience points if you upgrade your tanks the right way, and as far as the tech tree is concerned, you’ll be advancing much faster than you normally would.

12. Know How To Use Experience Points

There are two types of experience points in World of Tanks Blitz. Free experience points can be used when upgrading any type of tank you have at your disposal. The other type of XP, however, can only be applied to the tank that earns those points. In order for your free XP to be used properly, you may need to buy all the tanks that are available on your line in the tech tree; you unlock the next tank by earning experience points with the tank on the line that you’re currently using. Also, you can convert regular XP to free XP, but this isn’t a very economical thing to do due to the unusual exchange rate that applies.

13. Learn From The Veterans

You may want to adopt a buddy when playing World of Tanks Blitz for the first time ever. As a newbie, you wouldn’t know everything right off the bat, so it simply makes sense to stick to someone who’s more experienced; they can stick up for you while you stick up for them in the best way possible. But one thing you shouldn’t do is get in your buddy’s way, especially if you’re in that player’s line of fire – as stressed in one of our earlier tips, friendly fire is something Wargaming takes very seriously, and the company is anything but friendly when it comes to some friendly fire offenders. Yes, we know that tanks are slow, lugubrious beasts, but that should also remind you that you have to pay attention to your teammates and where they’re going.

14. It’s Not The End If You Get Killed

Once your World of Tanks Blitz game is over, it’s not necessarily game over for good just because your tank is nothing but a heap of burned scrap metal. You can always exit and switch to one of your other tanks, so don’t fret too much if you find your machine burned, destroyed, and completely useless.