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Alcatraz Prison Escape 3-D Cheats: 4 Tips & Tricks to Help You Break Out Faster

Alcatraz Prison Escape 3-D is a first-person shooter game developed by Jef Nielsen for Snuffs Gaming, and in this iOS-only title, your objective is to escape from prison – you start in the prison and end in the bank, as the description says. Aside from that, and the fact that it’s Snuffs’ first game in the Prison Escape series, there’s nothing else worth noting in the description. But that’s actually where the fun lies at times – discovering the game for yourself, where you’ll see that you can pick up weapons, find food and water to keep you alive, and do what you could to break out of prison.

If you’re finding it a bit difficult to escape from jail, we’ve put together some Alcatraz Prison Escape 3-D cheats, tips and tricks that will help you find your way out of Alcatraz sooner rather than later.

1. Always Be On The Lookout For Food And Water

Alcatraz isn’t the Ritz, plain and simple. Nothing will ever be handed to you, and you’ll need to constantly search for food and water to keep your hunger and thirst levels reasonable. If both levels run low, then you’ll lose health points, and eventually die when they run out. The wooden crates are normally where you’ll be able to find food and water and other supplies – you’ll usually find them on top of the crates. Aside from that, crates may point you to some weapons and ammo.

2. Use Your Crosshair Button And Crouch A Lot

When firing your weapons, you can usually make a more accurate shot by aiming downwards, and tapping on the crosshair button located beside the fire button. Aside from using the crosshair button, you can also crouch for a more steady aim. It may take some practice when trying to familiarize yourself with these controls, but getting this down pat will allow you to kill your enemies faster, and live longer.

3. Pay Attention To The Game’s Mini-Map And Full Map

On the upper left hand corner you’ll find a small map, which you’ll need to pay close attention to. This isn’t for the sole reason of breaking out quickly; you’ll also need the map to warn you about enemies, who are designated with a red arrow pointing their way. These arrows will become large red dots if the enemies are dangerously close to you, and that could mean trouble – the enemy may have just spotted you if that’s the case.

There’s also a full-scale map located next to the weapon select button, and this is the map you’ll want to use most of the time if you find yourself lost. Green icons will point you to the right direction on most occasions.

4. Don’t Focus Solely On Headshots

Most FPS titles are easy to figure out – fire a headshot and kill an enemy. But the thing with headshots is that they inflict an equal amount of damage when you fire them at enemies, instead of instantly killing them or dealing out significant damage. As such, fire at the body as you’ll be far more accurate that way.