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World of Prandis Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, Strategies & Tactics to Crush Your Enemies

Oryougengames is the developer behind World of Prandis, which is an exciting MMORPG that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. Unlike so many other RPGs currently available, you have to actually play this game instead of just watching it! This is the category where World of Prandis really shines because the game is very much worth playing. This will hold especially true for “real deal” MMORPG fans. Just like with so many PC based MMORPGs currently available, you have an open world to play through and you have a variety of choices as to how you wish to play. In World of Prandis you can play the quests, you can fish all day, you can repeatedly play through the dungeons, and/or you can run around and kill off every monster you encounter. But of course, you have to set up your characters to be able to do this.

One question you might face when you start playing the game is how to enhance your characters for maximum destruction and gains. Obviously this won’t be much of a game if all the characters worked the same! So there is balance in the game. It’s now a matter of what equipment to use on your character. All the items you gain for use on your characters have random attributes/stats. This will change outcomes a lot more than you think. Now add in the fact that you can switch skill sets at will. So yes, there will be a lot to consider. Be sure to check out our World of Prandis beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies on how to enhance your characters and crush your enemies!

1. Creating Characters, And What To Look For

When you first get World of Prandis up and running, your first task would be to make a character. There are two servers to play in and you can make up to 3 characters per server. So choose things carefully or you’ll have to delete a character or more.

world of prandis character races and classes

When you create a character, you have to pick a side. It’ll be either Femina or Vir. For our purposes, we went with Vir. The main difference being the pet/mount you start with. The Tribe selection does make a difference because you’ll see the Racial Bonus (check the lower right of the above screen shot) changes with each Tribe you chose. Humans will have a +30% Resistance bonus. The Haru will have a +10% Critical Rate bonus as showing in the above screen shot. The Turk will have a +15% Life (Hit Points or HP) bonus. From there you have 6 different classes to pick from. Each column of classes has a specific class bonus. For example, the Mages and Warlocks have a 10% increased damage bonus (lower right of the above screen shot). The Hunters and Assassins have a +10% Haste bonus. The Warriors and Paladins have a +10% armor bonus.

The idea to this is to try to mix and match a good setup using the class and Tribe bonuses to give you a great start. Take the example of the mage and the warlock. They both have a +10% damage increase. So yeah, when they attack, they mean business! However, their attacks can be a bit slow. So for the racial bonus, you could work their healing skills by selecting the Turk tribe. Their healing skills are based on maximum HPs. More HP equals more healing done in one cycle per second of healing skills. Now consider the Hunters and the Assassins. With their Haste bonus, having a higher crit rate as a Haru can help them wipe out targets a lot faster.

When you check out your character’s stats in World of Prandis, a lot of them can be confusing. Thankfully you can check their info in the Help section (Menu >> Options >> Help >> Stats). Take the example of the Gold stat. Each time you kill a monster, you’ll gain gold + however much extra that stat gives you. Notice how it’s for killing mobs only? You’ll also notice that while in the field, the mobs won’t drop much gold especially early on. The trick is to use that stat in dungeons. That’s where it’ll kick in a lot more because the gold drops are noticeably higher. Now check out the Shield Damage stat. Initially you’d think you’re dishing out more damage with a shield type of attack. The truth is that it’s an extra type of damage reduction. This indicates only the Paladins and Warriors can use it. The missing part is that you need the Block stat to block physical damage with a shield to reduce the incoming damage further. The other missing part is that all characters can use the Block stat. You’ll definitely see it when it activates!

2. The Mounts And Pets Setup

The mounts and pets of World of Prandis are in fact two different things. Just remember that a summoned pet’s stat/buff bonus is always active. The mount’s stat/buff only works while mounted. The Mounts and Pets section has multiple parts.

world of prandis mounts and pets

Which free pet and mount you gain from the start is dependent on which side (Femina or Vir) you selected. With Vir, you’ll gain a free Moolight Wolf. With Femina, you’ll gain a Desert Fox. Just be sure to activate both of them as soon as you’re in game. Throughout the course of your leveling, you’ll encounter many NPCs that give you quests. Also included in these NPCs are Transformation scrolls and pets you can buy. Yes, they are very expensive pets you can buy with gold. Those NPCs also make for a great way to gain extra gold via selling items and/or unused equipment. In the above screen shot, you’ll notice there are 2 pets on the right side. In this case, the Moonlight Wolf Pet was activated for its Recovery stat bonus. This means that while not in combat, your HP will auto-recover. Different pets/mounts will give you different bonuses. You should do what all you can to make them work with your characters. Do note that the active mount and pet don’t have to be the same thing.

3. Leveling Strategies, Gold Gaining, And Skill Setups

In World of Prandis, you’ll need your skills to be able to adventure and gain. In order to unlock all your character’s skills you’ll have to get to level 28. In order to unlock all your skills and your mount’s skills, you’ll have to get to level 30. Naturally, you’ll want to get to level 30 as quickly as possible. The best strategy for leveling turns out to be completing as many quests as you can. Once you start your adventures, you’ll see a nearby NPC to get you going. From there, you’ll be sent to various NPCs throughout the land. At each NPC, you can complete the given quests lists. There will be 2 of them in total. The first go round at it is the main quests. The second go round at it are Daily quests for gaining extra EXP, gold, Rubies, and Gear Boxes.

The initial thought is to go through these quests the first time and move on. You’d only be partially correct. Yes, you can level fairly quickly via using only the first round of given quests. However, you don’t want to lose things via skipping the second round of quests at the providing NPCs. One of the easiest tactics for gaining gold is to set an equipment quality to go for.

Initially, you’d want that quality level to be Rare or higher. When you’re rewarded with Magic and Normal Gear Boxes, you can simply sell those in bulk to any of the NPCs that buy items from you. You can gain a surprising amount of gold by doing this. But when you’re rewarded with Rare or higher quality Gear Boxes, open them. For anything you can’t use, run it through the Extraction button. You’ll need Grinding Stones for upgrading all of your gear.

world of prandis skills

The other strategy for upgrading is to open all of your rewarded Gear Boxes. For anything you can’t use (automatically at Magic and Normal quality), run it through the Extraction button. From there, you can gain a higher level batch of Grinding Stones for upgrading your gear. Select the Grinding Stone in your inventory and click the Merge button. The downside to this idea is that you’ll lose a lot of gold. Also note that if you change your items at any time, the upgrades won’t stay in place. The good news is that it should take quite an item for you to use it as a replacement.

Of course, you’re going nowhere quickly in World of Prandis without the skills being set up! On the left are the skills you’ll have for use during your adventures. On the right are both the skills just the same as on the left and passive skills. The right side shows the upgrades for each skill. You can gain 1 skill point per level. This is where things can get “fun”! For the most part, you have to consider your character’s skills quite carefully. Otherwise, you’ll have to reset them and try to get it right on subsequent attempts. As mentioned, you’ll have 2 sets of skills to build up. One of the better strategies for this is to select the side of skills for your main attacking needs. From there, the other side should have buffs and/or heals to use. Both sides have attacks but it’s not always easy/fun trying to constantly switch skill sets during battles.

The idea is to take a good look at the attacking skills and see how they work. The above screen shot is the Demon side for Warlocks. The Disease side has both attacks and a healing skill. So the Warlocks make it a bit harder to make a choice as to which side should be your main attacking side! In the case of Warriors, the choice is a lot easier! In the screen shot above, you’ll see the Becoming Devil skill is selected. It’s a passive for Warlocks for more damage. That’s not an activated skill. As such, this means it applies to both sides of the Warlock’s stats. Notice how it doesn’t mention any specifics other than “Increased DMG”? No matter which skill set you’re on at the time, that passive always applies. Just above it is another passive but it’s meant specifically for the Scythe weapon of the Warlocks. If you switch skill sets at any time to Disease, that passive will no longer apply. All characters have passives just like that so keep an eye open for them. Don’t just blindly upgrade everything you can. You’ll quickly run out of skill points that way.

Lastly you’ll find a HP Drain skill. Some characters have it. It works just like the Recovery stat. The difference is that it works while you’re in battle.

4. The Gains Of Crafting

It seems the World of Prandis and the show “Fairy Tail” has something in common. They both have “maker magic”! The Make section is for crafting. The problem is taking the time to build it all up. The main question becomes why bother? You should bother because the gains can be very significant.

world of prandis crafting

The first 3 sections in the upper middle of the above screen shot are leveled up via performing the 3 crafts. The Trade section is leveled via buying and selling to the Trade NPCs. These are the NPCs in each town that sell various materials for crafting. The bottom 3 sections are leveled via having your character fish, mine, and harvest plants. The main problem is finding them. The good news is that they can be found quite a lot in dungeons after defeating all the bosses of the dungeon in question. The better news is that you can solo dungeons at any given time. The trick is to enter lower level dungeons according to your needs. The higher the level of your Fishing, Mining, and Herbalism, the higher the material level you can gain.

When you’re first starting in World of Prandis, you can go after low level materials pretty easily. Some are found lying around in the open world. The higher things get, the harder they will be to obtain. This is especially true from dungeons. However, some characters have nice tricks at their disposal. For example, an Assassin can use its invisibility skill to run around the level 30dungeon and gain a lot of materials. Unfortunately, you don’t have a shared type of storage. So choose which characters you’re really going to fully play and use them as your hunters/crafters for the game. When you start crafting, the 3 sections in the upper middle of the above screen shot will level. Just remember that the Fishing comes in handy when you want/need to go AFK for a while.

The most overlooked part of World of Prandis is at the very beginning of any character you’re convinced you want to play. The main idea is to level like crazy. This goes for many games. However, this is not entirely the case here. The recommended starting idea for a character you just made and want to continue playing is to set it fishing. The aim is to have that Cooking option available to you if you’re ready to use it because you already have the fish materials to get you started. Then it becomes easier later. Rack up a hefty amount of fish to craft with. The other trick to this is to do not use the Goby. This fish is used for making Grilled Goby which gives you an EXP boost. Save your Goby for when you reach the High level of Cooking. The fun part is the extra items you can gain while fishing. This includes sea items you can sell to any NPC for extra gold and crafting material Gear Boxes.

With Produce, things work a little differently. When you produce a Gear Box in World of Prandis, it’ll work like any other Gear Box you’ve gained. The part to note is that it starts at epic quality. The crafts you do in Produce can go all the way to Tier 5 (T5). You’ll have to be level 105 to use the items gained from those Gear Boxes. However, you should focus more on their potential value and the fact that you can gain more than one item from a Gear Box. The crafting levels of Produce are not hard to increase. It’s gaining the materials that can be hard. The best bet is to go into dungeons that you can solo fairly easily. Don’t ever just leave a dungeon when it’s complete. Run through it again to loot all the plants and minerals.

Both Cooking and Alchemy use the same materials for each quality. You can use 1 Cooking item and 1 Alchemy item at the same time (buffs). If you use a Cooking item and then use another, the second Cooking item becomes the active buff and replaces the first one. The same holds true for Alchemy items. Yes, it would be pretty fun to quickly become “monstrous” via stacking Cooking and/or Alchemy items! Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

5. Using The Map Properly

For someone just starting in World of Prandis, the map might not seem so easy to read. Thankfully, it turned out a little easier to deal with than expected. Unfortunately, there’s no “go to the clicked spot” situation here. That’s still ok since the maps are not galactic in size anyway!

world of prandis map

To help you get around the World of Prandis, you’ll see green colored lines showing where your quest objectives are. For some unknown reason, the map is covered in fog where you haven’t been. You can scroll the map around and use the Arrows button in the upper left corner to enlarge it. When you’re trying to solo a dungeon, this is the method to find its entrance. In checking the above screen shot, you’ll see the character marker (middle right side). The levels 12 and 24 dungeon entrances are there too. With a level 30 character, your mount can easily fly you there and you’ll never take a single hit on the way. Just watch out for crashing into mountains! Also available are the waypoints which you can teleport to directly. At level 30, that town also has an Auction House!

6. The Menu System And The Dungeons

The Menu system of World of Prandis offers up a wide variety of content for you to participate in. It was just a matter of you getting to the required level.

world of prandis menu system

The first trick to the Menu system of World of Prandis is to find out potential loot from dungeons early on. Just remember that your gains will be done so at random except for completing quests. The problem is that this method of entering a dungeon is meant for parties. Click the Register button and wait for a party to form if you need one. Use the map to get into dungeons while solo.

The next trick is to quickly find out the levels of the bosses in these dungeons. Do note that these bosses can hit pretty hard if you’re not ready for it. Yes, the loot sure can be tempting to go after while thinking your level is way above things. Unfortunately, it’s not worth getting your character slaughtered! See that level 6 dungeon entry requirement in the above screen shot? Notice the level 13 boss in that same screen shot?! So going into that dungeon at level 6 without help is a great way to hug the floor! So do check things according to what crafting materials you might need and what bosses you can survive against.

And this ends our beginner’s guide for World of Prandis. The game has a lot of content and we may come back with another guide covering some other topics. Meanwhile, if you have discovered additional tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned in the guide, feel free to drop us a line!