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World of Dungeons Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints You Should Remember

HeroCraft’s new mobile game called World of Dungeons is a dark fantasy RPG for the Android and iOS platforms, that’s just been released. Before we teach you how to play it, here’s a quick backgrounder on what to expect from this title. Like you would in other RPGs, you can build a team of heroes and have them battle it out in the dangerous in-game world – in here, the danger comes from the undead, monsters, and demons, thus giving this game a supernatural touch. You can train your heroes in any one of the six classes, give them the best possible armor and weapons, and have them take out any and all enemies, including the evil boss characters. HeroCraft also promises hundreds of weapons and armor pieces, six rarity levels, and quick battles that last anywhere from five to 15 minutes in length.

In terms of mechanics, this is a tactical RPG that tests how well you can strategize against the enemy. Before you move on to the finer points of this game, you might want to learn how to get yourself started. Join us now in our World of Dungeons strategy guide for beginners, and we’ll show you how to survive the evils that surround you, even if you’re just starting out.

1. Focus One Opponent At A Time

In other words, it’s all about focus fire here. Don’t try to weaken multiple enemies at the same time; focus on one at a time, because multiple weakened enemies still can do far more damage than one enemy who’s been taken out completely. This is important as well because many of your early foes tend to gang up on a user-controlled hero, with emphasis on the singular form. Outsmart those enemies by doing the same thing they do – focus fire. Take your enemies out one by one, and don’t stop targeting an enemy until they’re out of the battle.

2. Don’t Open Chests Right Away

You may be tempted to open the chests the moment they become available to open, once you’ve completed the earlier dungeons in the game. However, you wouldn’t want to waste your time on them; it’s one thing getting common gear, but you will more often than not end up with BAD common gear, meaning items that have negative stats. These items will do you more harm than good, so don’t get too excited about the early chests, and open them instead once you’ve completed more than a few dungeons.

3. Positioning Is Key

As we said above, this is a tactical RPG. This is a game that tests your ability to come up with sound battle plans against a variety of opponents, in a variety of dungeons. And when it comes to the dungeons, a lot of them have wide spaces for you – and the enemies – to roam around in. That makes positioning a key consideration when strategizing. A group of skeletons might not sound like much, since skeletons often occupy the lower rungs of the totem pole as weaker enemies. But if it’s a particularly big group, you might find yourself ganged up on and easily beaten.

What you want to do here is to force the enemy to make the first move. They only have so many spaces to move in, so it’s also necessary to memorize their patterns and use what you know to position your heroes properly. Doing this the right way could have the bad guys walking into their fair share of traps.

4. All Heroes Have Their Own Skills

Starting with your first hero, all of the heroes in World of Dungeons have their respective skills. And you have to know what each of these skills do, and how to use them properly in battle. Don’t use them willy-nilly; read up on both the active skills, or those that would require activation in battle, as well as the passive skills, which are always active no matter what, and can be considered buffs more than anything else. Make sure you’re reading up whenever you’ve got a new hero unlocked, and that you check their skill trees as well.

The Reaper of Souls is the first unlockable hero in the game, following the stock Blade Dancer – let’s take him as an example. At first, the Reaper of Souls will have a passive skill that provides an attack bonus, depending on the Initiative rating. That’s 5 percent more attack per Initiative point, which means you have to work on improving the Reaper’s Initiative. His active skill is Teleport, and that’s pretty much what he does when using the skill. So if you add it all up, you can use the Reaper of Souls as a shifty, elusive character who can do a great deal of damage, yet disappear quickly. In other words, the ideal character for hit-and-run attacks.

5. Work On The Daily Quests

Last, but not the least, at least if you’re a beginner, you should work toward completing daily quests. These dailies require you to do certain things, such as killing a certain number of monsters, fighting a boss, or heading to the battle arena and winning so many times. You can earn a wide range of goodies in the game, including skeleton keys and gold, but the bonuses would be much better if you’re able to complete all the dailies before the day has ended.

And this completes our guide for HeroCraft’s new mobile title, World of Dungeons. If you believe there are other hints for the game, feel free to leave us a message below in the comment section!