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RPG and Chill Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

RPG and Chill is a new mobile RPG from Reality Squared Games, which comes with mechanics that are very similar to those of others in the genre – form a team of heroes and guide them in battle against enemies, collecting gold, experience, and loot. You can choose character classes for each of your heroes, go on thrilling quests, find rare items, and uncover new areas of the world map. You can also choose from a list of over 25 mercenaries to accompany you on the battlefield, form alliances and join guilds and make new friends through the group chat, and defeat bosses.

While this game may sound like RPG-by-numbers despite the offbeat name, there are enough touches in RPG and Chill to make it stand out from other games in the genre, particularly the fact you control a character who fights while you’re active, but keeps on fighting when the game is turned off and you’re logged out. (TL;DR – This is an RPG with idle gaming mechanics!) This is, quite simply, the RPG that never sleeps, though you’ll need to be “awake” frequently to ensure success in the game. Check out our collection of RPG and Chill tips, tricks and cheats and we’ll teach you how to make the most out of your time while playing.

1. Challenge The Boss Manually

While your knight fights enemies while you’re active, and even while you’re inactive, you will have to do it yourself when it comes to moving on to the boss battle. Hit the boss button so your knight can move on to the boss battle, because if you don’t, he’ll keep fighting the same enemies in the same level. But don’t hit the boss button if you’re grinding for equipment, experience and other resources; you want to let your knight do his thing and stay on the same level if you’re farming.

2. Auto-Equip Your Knight / Other Characters

Want to make sure your knight has the best equipment possible at all times? Simply go to the equipment screen and tap on the button with two circular arrows. That’s going to auto-equip your knight with the best possible items. You can also use auto-equip with your assassins, who will then get the best possible equipment they can wield. As the game ramps up in difficulty and bosses become harder to defeat, be sure all your equipment is up to date, and equip your characters accordingly.

3. Turn Auto-Sell On Before Going Offline

Before ending your play session for the day and heading off to sleep (or to work/school, or simply quitting the game for an extended period of time), make sure auto-sell is turned on, and that you’ve configured it properly. If it’s left off, you will return to the game with a ton of equipment you don’t need or don’t want – common stuff, mostly.

When configuring auto-sell, it’s a good idea to set things up so that all items that aren’t of legendary rarity are automatically sold while you’re away. But take note as well that there are extremely rare items in the game that cannot be auto-sold, or sold in bulk.

4. Why Should You Use Rush?

The Rush feature of RPG and Chill will cost you some gems, which are the game’s premium currency. But the good thing about Rush is that you will speed your way through 40 or so idle battles, and that’s a load of time saved, with a lot of prizes by way of new equipment, as well as new levels gained. Also, as a bonus tip, always be aware if there are any gold, silver, or bronze keys, as you’ll need them to unlock and open chests.

5. How To Upgrade Your Equipment Properly In Later Stages

Once you reach stage 8-1 in RPG and Chill, you will be able to upgrade your equipment and embed stones into them to make them even more powerful. That means you should stop hitting the Optimize button at that point, instead focusing on upgrading specific items. Or you may also wait until you receive extremely rare pieces of equipment before upgrading.