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World of Dragon Nest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Increase Your Combat Power Fast

World of Dragon Nest is the latest mobile title from gaming giant Nexon, which is a stunning open world MMORPG. As the most recent incarnation of the Dragon Nest series of games that started a decade ago, World of Dragon Nest features some classes from the classic Dragon Nest MMORPG as well as a new one. Earning well over 500 thousand downloads as well as maintaining a positive rating across both mobile platforms, the first open-world rendition of the Dragon Nest proves to appeal not just to fans of the franchise but new players as well.

As an MMORPG that goes deeper than immersive stories and intense battle mechanics, World of Dragon Nest also includes a life system where fishing, farming, mining, and all sorts of non-combat activities become part of the virtual life you live within its world. If you yearn for a unique MMORPG packed with an abundant content to keep you playing for hours, then you may want to give World of Dragon Nest a try.

World of Dragon Nest takes you to a fantasy world where the peace that has reigned so long becomes threatened by the appearance of the black dragon, Karas, and the emergence of various monsters that begin to plague the land. As you take on a long and challenging journey, you will encounter other brave souls along the way and each step forward you take requires constantly gathering strength for the increasing trials that block your way. Follow the quests that take you a step closer to your main goal or spend time to explore the vast land that holds a plethora of secrets waiting to be discovered. On your own, or with some friends, World of Dragon Nest provides a variety of challenging yet enjoyable activities to engage in.

world of dragon nest tips

There is definitely a lot to learn as you dive into World of Dragon Nest. While a lot of the game’s mechanics and features may be familiar to experienced MMORPG players, there are some elements unique to World of Dragon Nest that every player will encounter. The initial minutes will be covered by a very helpful tutorial and every new feature and game mode you unlock comes with some explanation. Although there are no in-game information beyond the initial explanation you receive, the auto path and auto battle options help ease down a lot of the activities you partake in.

Unlike most MMORPGs that set the pace very fast on the initial hours, you will enjoy a loosely similar pace of gameplay across all of the game’s regions. If you are totally new to MMORPGs and want to jumpstart your adventure or simply looking for more efficient ways to increase your hero’s level and combat power, then stay with us and read our World of Dragon Nest beginner’s guide. In this guide we will share with you a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies for the game, so let’s not waste any more of your time and instead let’s get started with those tips!

1. Choose The Class That Fits Your Play Style

The fun and excitement you get from MMORPGs begins with the class you choose and while as a neophyte you may still wonder which class is the strongest or the best one, then there is no true answer for that. What is important to know is that each class has its own unique strengths brought about by their base stats and various skills and, likewise, each class has its own limitations. As such, what is best actually varies from one player to the next and your choice of which class to choose boils down to which one suits your playstyle. Beyond the initial classes available, each one branches out further as you reach new levels enabling you to pursue progression more suitable to your preferences.

world of dragon nest classes

There are currently 5 classes to choose from in World of Dragon Nest with 4 being returning classes namely: warrior, archer, cleric, sorceress, and a totally new one, the slayer. If you have played other RPGs before, then the first 4 classes should be familiar enough as these classes are almost always the core classes within the genre. The slayer class, which is new to the Dragon Nest series, plays mostly like the assassin class in other RPGs.

Warriors stand as the class with good defense but also sports some decent damage-dealing skills. Warriors advance into either mercenaries or sword masters with the former built for more defense and survivability while the latter excels more in dexterous offensive assaults. Archers are known to excel in ranged combat and being quick on their feet. Considering these traits, Archers can become either bow masters or acrobats swerving into either banking more on ranged combat proficiency or mobility.

Clerics are the top support class in the game much like in any RPG. Clerics in World of Dragon Nest are naturally able to fight on their own and can be built to become as sturdy as a warrior. Clerics can become priests and have stronger heals and support spells for the entire party or choose to become a paladin and have good offensive and defensive capabilities.

The sorceress is the top user of magic-based attacks and employs various elements to deal with various types of enemies. Elemental lords focus more on fire and ice elemental skills while force users use dark and magic type attacks. Slayers have strong melee attacks but also possess some ranged skills. Though they have average defense, their offensive strength makes them a better choice for players who want to make quick kills in combat. Bringers focus more on melee attacks while dark apostles excel in mid-range single target eliminations.

While many would recommend to use slayers to race through the PvE content at a faster pace, the choice is still entirely up to you most especially if you will be playing with friends and be mostly going through quests and dungeons with a party. Naturally, while some of these classes seem to appeal more strongly for solo adventures, the rest shine more in team combat.

2. Follow The Main Quest Line

There are a lot of mechanics and features to learn in World of Dragon Nest and beyond all that, taking a dive into the game’s lore can help you better understand and appreciate the game in its entirety. As story and game progress largely depends on the main quests, it is very important for you to push forward with it before delving into other activities.

world of dragon nest main quest

Main quests will serve as you primary source of the most basic resources and items you will need to move forward with your adventure. Completing quests earn you more experience points than grinding blindly on any enemy mobs, making it your best course of action if you want to level up faster. A lot of the added features and game modes are also locked behind certain levels. The rationale behind having to push forward with main quests is to earn experience points and basic resources to level up fast and raise your hero’s CP as well.

Reaching the minimum level requirement that opens up a new feature or game mode naturally takes you to a quick tutorial of its mechanics. Be sure to read through the text guides as no informative tips section will run those information on you again. Once you can freely do as you please again, hop back into accomplishing main quest objectives. At certain points in the game, there will be a level requirement before you can continue to progress with the main quests. These instances will be your cue to proceed with sub quests and dungeons to raise your level.

3. Accomplish Requests

Completing main story quest objectives will occasionally come to a halt as level requirements become a temporary hurdle for you to progress further. In such cases, though, there will be plenty of means available for you to take to meet the required level. Of these extra quests, your next priority should be on taking on and accomplishing requests in each area.

world of dragon nest requests

There are numerous requests from NPCs scattered across all areas of the land. You can see them with exclamation marks on the mini map and you can manually travel to each one, tap on them, and accept the request to initiate the quest. Alternatively, there is a list of quests available for you via the quest window. This can easily be viewed by tapping on the menu button at the upper right corner of the screen and is presented in multiple tabs. You can view available requests in each area and proceed to each NPC automatically via this window.

Requests in World of Dragon Nest are very much like some of the main quest objectives although most are fairly easier to accomplish. For starters, a lot of these requests are like errands that does not even involve engaging in combat. For one, proceeding to accomplish these quick requests will introduce to you all other activities in the game you can engage in outside of constantly battling through mobs and bosses. Each request you accomplish earns you instant rewards and clearing all requests per area comes with an even bigger incentive.

4. Expend Daily Attempts In The Dungeon

Another important reason to push through the main quest and raise your hero’s CP is to unlock each mode in the dungeon and be able to access the different difficulty levels that come with each of those game modes. Experience points, gold, gears, skill points, and other valuable resources can be earned from dungeons which is why each daily attempt you have to partake in each available game mode within it should be taken advantage of.

world of dragon nest dungeon

The Abyss holds varying challenges that you can take on provided that you meet the campaign progress requirement for each one. While CP is only recommended, going through each one as well as against higher levels for each one has minimum level requirements you need to satisfy. You can earn skill points and enhancement stones form the Abyss and will have 2 attempts each day to participate in each mode.

The Special Dungeon will be a great source for huge sums of gold as well as experience points. You only get 1 attempt per day to go through each one. As meeting the required level and the recommended CP to take on the next difficulty level is an opportunity to earn more rewards, you should wait to save it for the latter part of the day whenever you are close to meeting the requirements within the day.

The Nest is a unique dungeon where you fight a huge boss to earn soul stones needed to craft various gears. Although you engage these battles on your own, joining with a party of up to 5 adventurers can make it a lot easier in addition to earning extra rewards. Like all other dungeon modes, you need to meet the level requirements as well as match the recommended CP to be able to partake in more challenging nest battles.

Nest Hell is a more challenging version of Nest that offers rewards you will need to craft accessories. You will be engaging enhanced versions of the monsters you can meet in Nest here so, again, going in with more people is highly recommended.

5. Level Up Gear Slots Through Smelting

There are many factors contributing to an increase in CP based on the gears that your hero is equipped with. For starters, getting new and better gears give you an instant option to equip them as they flash on your screen. If you missed the opportunity to do so, you can easily spot the better equipment from your inventory as indicated by the green “up” arrow on them. Beyond that, smelting will be a constant source of improving each slot you have for your gears.

world of dragon nest smelting

There will be numerous enhancement options that will unlock as you progress further in your adventure but for starters, let’s focus on levelling them up. One important detail you need to understand is that equipment slots are upgraded instead of the actual gear. This means that there should be no worry about making a wrong investment on gears you will have to replace at some point in the future. As such, feel free to smelt obsolete and unwanted gears to improve each of the slots you have.

Another important feature you need to understand is that levelling up gear slots revolve around a success rate that does not necessarily have to be at 100% to initiate. Given this scenario, you should not opt for auto selecting the sacrificial gears or stones as doing so will sometimes go for a success rate that exceeds 100%. For the most part, you can even proceed with the process even at the lowest success rate chance. It all depends on your confidence and willingness to take risks.

6. Expend Your Skill Points Carefully

Like in most MMORPGs, enhancing gears basically stand as just half of the upgrades you need to constantly perform to be able to meet the growing challenges that come your way. Each class holds a wide range of skills and while each one seems equally important and useful in combat, some will be more important for you based on how you play.

world of dragon nest skill points

As you will have a growing number of skills to choose from as far as prioritization of enhancements go, be sure to read through each one you see before investing points in it. Initially, there will be limited choices available for you but as you progress forward, more will become available and the choice of how to allocate the skill points you earn becomes a bigger challenge. You can reset skills and applied skill points but it will cost you red diamonds, which is a premium currency that are a little more challenging to earn.

7. Accomplish As Many Missions And Event Objectives As You Can

On top of the immediate rewards you get for every activity you engage in, quests and dungeon runs naturally provide you with extra rewards. Beyond all that, World of Dragon Nest also holds even more rewards that you can earn by accomplishing missions. You can click on the missions icon just beside the notifications icons at the upper right side of your screen. There are battle missions, daily missions, and even weekly missions you can aim to accomplish for various perks and rewards.

world of dragon nest missions

For the most part, battle missions and daily missions are quick and easy to accomplish and you will naturally be able to accomplish some of them without even trying. Just to be sure that you won’t miss out on an otherwise easily accomplishable feat, you should regularly check the list of missions available for the extra rewards they hold.

Daily and weekly missions grant extra gold and diamonds based on the number of objectives you complete so if you really want to progress fast in the game as far as hero level and CP is concerned, aim to complete as many of these missions as you can.

In addition to missions, there are also various events in World of Dragon Nest that reward you with extra incentives and items based on the activities you partake in. Be sure to check what’s in store for you via the gift box icon at the upper left corner of the screen. While some of the time-limited events may provide something only for paying players, there are various in-game events for everyone to take advantage of. There are even rewards you can claim just for being online, and doing so for 120 minutes each day can be a lot of help towards your hero’s growth.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, factions, alliances, clans, or similar player groups have long since been established as an integral part of any online game that offers plenty of cooperative and competitive gameplay. In MMORPGs like World of Dragon Nest, there is no question as to whether or not you should join a guild. Guilds provide perks and none of the drawbacks and if you do not have friends in real life to play with, guilds stand as your top source of questing buddies.

world of dragon nest guild

Once you reach level 17, you can begin scouting for the guild you wish to join and while a lot of the more established guilds put level limits as membership requirements, there are plenty of other guilds that you can join in an instant. It is always important to be a part of a guild that has many active members to more or less have confidence that the guild will progress as much as you do but at this point, it will not be readily identifiable which ones will continue to grow. For starters, choose one that has a lot of members and check regularly how much progress the guild makes when you join in.

To have a good idea how active your guild is, you can always check the guild members and how many of them are online and how many have been offline for quite some time. Check the amount of contribution each one has as well and be sure to also do your part to help your guild grow. The first thing you should do for the guild each day is to donate gold through the donate button at the lobby. Always check if guild quests are available and take some time to accomplish guild missions. Every bit of activity you engage in for the guild earns experience for the guild itself and guild points for you. Guild points are a special currency you can exchange for great items at the guild shop.

That is all we have for you as far as our World of Dragon Nest beginner’s guide is concerned and truthfully speaking, these are all basics and amount to just a fraction of what the game holds for you. Again, be sure to pay attention to the quick tutorials you encounter whenever a new feature or game mode becomes available.

A lot of the content in the game is best played with other people, whenever possible. Make as many friends as you can and also communicate with them as well as your fellow guild members if you need assistance with some challenges. If you know additional tips or strategies you feel can help beginners as much as the ones we shared in our guide, please do not hesitate to let us know!