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Square Bird Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels in Style

Moonee has just brought us another exciting hyper-casual game in the form of Square Bird, a game similar to the company’s previous release, Crazy Climber. This time, players will have the opportunity to build egg towers and avoid obstacles to complete levels. Even though Square Bird follows a minimalist approach when it comes to design, the levels are colorful and attractive and you will get hooked instantly.

Snakes, hawks, and all sorts of barriers await you in this game, and this means that you will need all the help you can get. For that reason, we came up with an in-depth Square Birds guide that features several useful tips, cheats and tricks. By following these guidelines, you will be able to overcome even the most demanding levels. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the world of birds and squares.

1. Tap To Add A Square And Build A Tower

When it comes to Square Bird, the title of the game is pretty much self-explanatory. In other words, you will be dealing with lots of squares and lots of birds. To be precise, the goal of every level will be to take the bird from point A to point B without crashing into any obstacles. Sounds simple? Well, if you have quick reflexes – the game will be a walk in the park. If not, pay close attention to our tips and tricks.

square bird tricks

For instance, we recommend that you stay as low as possible when taking the bird towards the finish line. By tapping the screen, you can add a square underneath the bird, lifting it to avoid an incoming barrier. But you cannot clear out the block on your own. So, stay close to the ground at all times and then add a square only when necessary. This technique will allow you to glide under many obstacles without any problems.

2. Add Enough Blocks To Jump Over Snakes And Hawks

The barriers in Square Bird will come in all shapes and sizes. In most cases, you will come across the flying box-shaped objects. However, they are not the only ones. A bunch of snakes and hawks will also appear in front of you every once in a while. Also, small triangles will pop up from the ground, preventing the bird from gliding towards the finish line.

To avoid these barriers, players must apply the opposite strategy from the one we explained in the previous tip. Remember, we said to stay as low as possible. Well, in some moments, you should forget about this advice and build a high tower of squares. In other words, lift the bird as much as possible. Every contact with a snake or a hawk will take out some of the blocks underneath the bird. But the important thing is to prevent any touch between the bird and the nasty animal. So, tap away and build an impressive tower.

3. Activate The Fever Mode At Every Opportunity

Believe it or not, the birds in this game can shoot and destroy the obstacles that might stand in the way. Yet, players need to activate the Fever Mode first before the bird can start with the destruction. Unfortunately, the Fever Mode does not have a long-lasting effect, and after 5 seconds – you’ll be on your own once again.

square bird fever mode

To trigger this extraordinary mode, players need to send the bird over the grass three times in a row. Every time you pull this off, the word PERFECT will appear. Also, a small chicken will pop up at the upper corner of the playing screen. Once you collect three of those chickens, the game will reward you with the Fever Mode. During this sequence, the bullets will fly ahead of the bird and clear out the path. Anything that may stand in the way will be obliterated.

4. Don’t Lose Progress If You Make A Mistake

At the early stages, Square Bird will be easy to play. The barriers will come at you at a slow pace, allowing you the time to make a move and get out of their way. However, things will start to accelerate as you climb the ranks. Faster obstacles will increase the number of mistakes, and this will also lead to more frustration. For instance, it can be annoying to lose a life when you are on the verge of unlocking the Fever Mode.

Luckily, the game can help you out during those moments. To clarify, players can continue their run if they accept to watch an ad. So, we recommend spending 10-15 seconds on a promotional video. After that, you will be able to go back to the same spot where you made a mistake. By doing so, you can complete the level and move on to the next stage in the game.

5. Play The Mini-Game To Win More Coins

Once you complete a level, you will receive a certain number of coins. Later on, we will explain why these coins are valuable and how you can spend them. For now, let’s focus on another method that can help you obtain even more gold. Yes, we are talking about the so-called Mini-Game. This rewarding feature will appear at random intervals, and players should maximize the potential of this bonus offer.

how to collect more coins in square bird

Mini-Game will present you with nine square blocks, and your task will be to pick three of them. By tapping a square, you will turn the card and reveal the prize. Almost every square will provide players with some coins, so make sure to uncover all three of them. What’s more, you can receive three more attempts by watching an ad. Again, 15-20 seconds of your time seems like a small price to pay for a chance to play the Mini-Game three more times.

6. Change The Background To Add More Color

As we said, the design of this game follows a minimalist approach. To be precise, Square Bird is a 2D mobile game with only a handful of elements. The bird is the main protagonist, and besides squares that you can add by tapping – not much will follow you through the levels. Of course, the obstacles will be there, but they tend to repeat themselves after a while.

So, to break the monotony, players can change the background. In a way, this will change the entire setting, providing you with a feeling that you unlocked a new chapter in the game. The colorful background will sometimes bring different barriers as well, so splash the cash at every opportunity. The shortcut to the Shop is visible on the left-hand side of the lobby. Moreover, a red notification sign will tell you that a new backdrop is available for purchase.

7. Invest The Coins To Buy A New Look For The Bird

Square Bird offers a wide array of different avatars, and players can customize the appearance of the bird in lots of ways. A new look will refresh the gaming session, making you feel like you progressed to a whole new stage. What’s more, some avatars will provide different capabilities, such as an extended Fever Mode.

square bird customization options

To buy a new look for the Bird, players will need to go to the Shop. Again, look for the icon on the left-hand side of the screen. This time, pick the upper one. By doing so, you will enter an area where dozens of new skins will await you. However, the majority of them will not be available at the early stages of the game. So, try to collect as many coins as possible during the runs. Also, Mini-Games can boost the bankroll. Once you obtain enough gold, a red notification will inform you that a new skin for the Bird is ready.

8. Turn Off Wi-Fi When Playing Square Bird

Last but not least, a simple trick that can help you play the game. We recommend turning off your Wi-Fi and Data Usage while playing Square Bird to stop the ads from appearing. As you will see, the ads will appear all over the place. Every time you finish a level – an advertisement will start. Every time you lose a life – a promotional video will begin on its own.

So, to save time – apply this straightforward technique and turn off the Internet for your phone. By doing so, the ads will not be able to appear. At the same time, you will have to forget about some of the perks we already mentioned. For example, forget about restarting the run if you make a mistake because you need to watch a video to activate this option. Either way, turning on Airplane mode may not be a bad idea since it will save you a lot of time.

With the final advice, we wrap up our Square Bird guide. In case you happen to know additional tips or tricks or just want to share your thoughts about the game, we would love to hear it! Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!