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World Bowling Championship (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Champion

World Bowling Championship may seem like an in-depth bowling game with real-life players and real-life bowling alleys and such, but that’s where you may be wrong. Instead, this is a casual game from Mobirix, one that doesn’t limit your capabilities based on the player or character you’ve chosen, but solely tests your skills in knocking down those virtual ten pins. The game comes with more than 1,000 stages, an ostensibly simple “touch-and-slide” (we’ll get to that) mechanic for rolling the ball, and five items, or power-ups, that could influenced the game result. You can choose to play solo or play against another human opponent, and there are also achievements which you could aim for. That’s pretty much what this game is about, and once again, you need not worry – the mechanics and features, once again, are made for casual gamers.

How can you go through more of those stages and improve your virtual bowling game, racking up higher scores and hitting strike after strike after strike? We would recommend you check out our World Bowling Championship tips and hints – we’ve written these to help you ramp up your game, beat AI and real-player opponents alike, and race your way up the leaderboards faster than you thought you would.

1. Master The Controls

You might take some time getting used to World Bowling Championship’s controls. In order to launch your bowling ball, you’ll need to tap on the screen. But that’s where things get tricky – you’ll then have to tilt your device and angle things in such a way that the ball hits the pins. Tilt your device to the left if you want the ball to go left, and tilt it to the right if you want it to go right. If you tilt your phone or tablet too much, you’ll likely get a gutter ball, and that’s not something you want happening when playing a game of bowling.

Some players prefer tilting their devices, while others prefer a more conventional joystick setup. Unfortunately for those who prefer the latter, this game only includes the former control setup, and it’s something you’ll have to deal with and practice if you aren’t used to tilting controls.

2. Avoid Gutter Balls

This should be pretty obvious by now, as this is a bowling game, after all. But for those who aren’t familiar with gutter balls, that essentially means you won’t get any points at all, as the ball moves along the gutter and completely misses the pins. If you’re unable to get a good angle, it’s better that you hit only a few pins rather than hit none at all. Make sure you’re tilting your device as quickly as possible to avoid a gutter ball.

3. Watch Out For Obstacles

Once again, the name “World Bowling Championship” might suggest a realistic bowling game. But that’s not actually the case – this is more of an arcade-style bowling game, and it adds a twist to conventional bowling by adding obstacles in some levels. These obstacles could hit your ball or block it, and that may cause you to miss the pins, or to get a gutter ball. On the other hand, there are ramps that your ball could roll off, launching them in the air and adding some velocity. Avoid the obstacles at all costs, and when it comes to the ramps, you might want to avoid them too, as they could sometimes do more harm than good. But if you know how to control your ball after it goes off the ramp, then by all means, feel free to use those ramps to add some speed.

4. About The Different Game Modes

If you’re playing solo, you don’t have any opponent to deal with, not even the AI. It’s all about scoring high in this mode, and there are so many levels for you to go through – the game’s makers claim that there are more than a thousand. Even if you get just one star in a level, you can move on to the next, and you can always replay those levels where you scored only one star. There’s no pressure, no stakes whatsoever, and you can use solo mode as a great way to practice if you want to beat some human opponents.

As for multiplayer mode, this allows you to compete against a friend or against a random player, and see how well you fare against other “real players.” You simply need to outscore the other player, and obviously, there are some stakes here – you’ll have to pay close attention to your score, and there may be a bit of pressure. You’ve also got the 100 Pin challenge, which is sort of a mini-game where you have to knock down all 100 pins in one sitting. We find this very difficult to pull off, but if you’re able to pass the challenge, you’ll be richly rewarded.

Thanks for checking out our guide for World Bowling Championship. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area below!


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