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Get Your Fill Of All-New Server Dungeons, In-Game Events, And Revitalised Systems In MU Origin’s Latest Update

Despite having already released a substantial game update earlier on this year, Mu Origin is set to be revamped once again with update 1.7 being made free to download from today. Not only does the new update add fresh systems, but unique PVP battle options, rewards, and more.

Shaking things up to begin with are the plentiful number of new in-game systems to help give players a better edge prior to entering battle. While each system offers a hand in enhancing daily benefits, and costume options, the most substantial addition is MU Origin’s new Soul Stone system. Letting players upgrade and apply elemental stats for the first time, characters can be buffed like never before.

And proving players with the chance to test out said characters are two new all-server events, the first of which being Battle Core. Able to be experienced any time daily between 12:30-13:30, 16:30-17:30, and 22:00-23:00 Server Time, make sure you’re on the side that reaches 1,000 points first if you wish to claim victory. Battle Core will also have you completing all kinds of quests from chalice gathering to clashes, so there’s every opportunity to enjoy vast amounts of EXP.

The latest update also brings with it a new in-depth PVP system known as Battlefield of Heroes, where up to 100 players split into two teams of 50 battle it out to be the best. Tasks range from anything such as boss hunting to item-mining, but all on a mass scale, which can be entered every Tuesday and Friday 21-00 – 22:25.

Alongside the main attractions, the update also includes several minor tweaks and fixes to better balance the game, so there’s never been a better time to enjoy MU Origin, which you can download right now on iOS and Android.

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