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WorkeMon Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 12 Hints for Running a Profitable Office

Bored with Pokemon GO or tired of waiting for those Gen 2 monsters to arrive? Or maybe you’ve been caught one time or another by your boss, playing the game when you should be working. If this sounds like you, then you might as well download QuickTurtle’s new game WorkeMon for your Android or iOS device. While this is not a Pokemon-themed game per se, it is a business simulation game with some mechanics borrowed from Pokemon games, hence the title. This game allows you to play the role of a rich chief executive who had inherited a company from your rich father – oh, if it were only that simple in real life. And now that you’re in charge of the “richest business in the world,” it’s your job to either beat out all your eight siblings to become the first rank heir, or catch all 151 WorkeMon. (Yes, they went with 151 creatures, just like Niantic did in Pokemon GO.)

We’re not going to say you “gotta work ‘em all” because we’d like something more original for a game like this. But if you want to run your business smoothly while catching as many WorkeMon as possible, check out our WorkeMon strategy guide and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about playing this game.

1. About The Workers

The WorkeMon, or the workers in this game, are divided into two main groups. The first group produces coins, while the other group produces XP – it’s as simple as that. You want to prioritize the first group, as you’ll need currency to make good progress in this game, unlock new areas, and buy more stuff that can help you in running your business. But you’ll also want to have enough XP-producing WorkeMon at some point. Having XP-producing workers is better than not having any workers at all, and we’ll tell you more about how you can catch them and train them.

2. Nitpick Early On In The Game, But Don’t Cherry-Pick

The process of Nitpicking is an especially important one in the early stages of the game, as that’s going to increase the coins or XP (depending on type) they produce. Make sure you’re doing this as often as possible, particularly in the early stages of the game. This is the best way to ensure you’re making enough money to afford your workers’ salaries, while still earning a tidy profit.

And speaking of hiring WorkeMon and paying their salaries (or choosing not to, we should go back to the very first tip. Don’t be too choosy when hiring workers – just hire anyone you encounter, and retain them until the end of the in-game year. If you don’t need them for the coming year, or if you simply cannot afford it, you can choose not to pay them at all! That’s going to increase the odds of them leaving the company, but you can always go hunting and hire new ones, while profiting by not paying these essentially useless (or underperforming) workers. If you’re a real-life boss, it goes without saying you shouldn’t do this in the real world.

3. Yell While Catching

You should always try to avoid having empty desks in your office, and that means catching any WorkeMon you spot – again, it’s what we told you in the first tip. Their asking price doesn’t matter – you should just keep on catching, especially if the WorkeMon you’re catching are of the coin-producing kind. Use the Yelling feature to increase the chances of workers signing with you (again, not to be done in the real world with real workers), and only pay close attention to the finer points when you’ve got enough money and XP.

4. Start The New Month By Hiring New Workers

In order to maximize the potential of your WorkeMon talent, you should hire new WorkeMon the moment the month begins – it’s a good idea to go hunting during the first week of each month. Hiring after the first week is a dangerous proposition – you may end up being unable to pay them, or you may end up losing money. The only time such a strategy (hiring after the first week) may work regularly is if you do it early on in the game. Still, it’s better to spend your time in the early goings Nitpicking, so make sure you’re going head hunting (or WorkeMon-hunting for hiring purposes) in the first week of a month.

5. Buy New Desks As Soon As Possible

At the end of the first quarter (the first three months), you should have about six desks in your office, and after that, you should buy one each every year or every two years. That might not sound like a lot of workers, but for the purposes of the game, that should be just right. It’s best to take a slow and patient approach to expanding your company; if you expand too fast, you might not have enough workers to fill those desks.

6. When And How Should You Train Workemon?

The best time to train your WorkeMon is when they’ve reached a point where their Eagerness meter is full. You want to center your training efforts on one or two WorkeMon, so that you don’t lose them if they ask you for more money, or if you can’t pay them what they expect. For the training purposes, you should be tapping as quickly as possible on your screen to maximize the benefits and the chances of the training to turn out well.

7. Where Should You Be Spending Your XP Points?

When it comes to spending those XP points, you should focus on overtime or weekend work as far as the first 10 to 15 levels are concerned. Don’t split those XP points evenly across the board; invest them in one area, as that’s going to improve the odds of your WorkeMon working weekend shifts or working late into the evening. Once you’ve gotten that done, you can focus on the other areas.

8. Watch Ad Videos, And Watch Them Regularly

The game will allow you to watch ad videos every five minutes to add to your earnings. You won’t be earning much per video, but take note that the ads get refreshed rather quickly, and that that money can really add up. Once you upgrade Mom’s card twice, you will receive rubies – the game’s premium currency – for each ad video. You can exchange those rubies for substantial coin packages, and that means a 10k coins package for every three to four videos once you reach a certain point in the game.

9. Unlock More Areas In The Game

You should be playing the game with unlocking more areas being one of your primary goals. Having new areas to hunt in will allow you more chances to add to your talent pool of workers, and you’ll also be able to unlock new shops that are otherwise off-limits to you at the start of the game. These shops can offer some unique and useful items, and when you combine that with the new chances to hunt more WorkeMon and hire more workers, it should behoove you to focus your energies on unlocking those additional areas.

10. How To Buy Luxury Items The Right Way

You won’t be able to afford the game’s luxuries at the start of the game, as they will cost you an arm and a leg. But once you’re able to afford them, you might as well check some of them out. Some of the cheaper luxuries will cost you about 4,000 coins each, and they can help by improving the odds of your workers getting additional tasks done. But don’t splurge on those luxuries unless you don’t have any vacant, unoccupied desks – you’ll need to be patient before you can actually profit from them. Also, be careful when buying luxuries – some of them work only for male users, others only for female; if you’re a male player who buys a female luxury, or vice versa, that item will be useless.

11. Be Prepared To Struggle

We’ve noticed that the game can be quite beginner-unfriendly for the most part, which means you don’t really have a lot of room for error even if you’re in the early goings and just starting out. Of course, a lot of the tips in this guide can help you avoid those rookie mistakes, but even then, you’ll still have to be patient and prepare for WorkeMon leaving your company en masse and not being able to pay them, among other challenges. Be prepared as well to be in the red at some points – it happens, even to the best of us!

Also, bear in mind that there’s a good chance you’ll only be able to afford only one to two items per in-game month; if you go over that, you might turn in a loss. Just keep on Nitpicking, take care when buying items, and increase both health and energy regularly, and you should be fine more often than not.

This ends our extended game guide for WorkeMon. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide! If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message below!