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Evil Factory Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints to Beat the Evil Kraken Group

Nexon M is a company best-known for its anime-themed mobile RPGs, but Evil Factory is an Android and iOS title that takes a decidedly more casual, arcade-ish route, albeit one that isn’t as casual as what you’d expect from companies like Ketchapp. This game has you playing the role of a tiny character named Leo, whose job it is to infiltrate the evil Kraken group’s laboratory, hatching their devious plans and stopping their creations. You will have to blast your way through these creations, but also avoid them and outfox them as you go along, especially when it comes to the boss characters. You can also assemble your own arsenal of weapons to this end, all while trying to stop the Kraken and their Evil Factory.

As this is an arcade game, the learning curve in here isn’t particularly steep. But we can still help you out if there are any parts of the game, especially the boss battles, which you may find especially hard to beat. So read on and check out our list of Evil Factory tips, cheats and tricks – our quick, yet effective way of helping players take down that Evil Factory and put a stop to the Kraken group and its evil plans.

1. Use The Tap-And-Hold

One of the first things you will learn in this game is the fact that letting go of your screen will slow down time, as part of Evil Factory’s time warp feature. That may work to your favor in some cases, but there’s a drawback to using the time warp, and that’s how slow things will go when you’re trying to light the fuse on your dynamite. The dynamite will be necessary until B6 or later, so this is something you can ill afford. Fortunately, there’s a bit of a workaround – not really a cheat – that you can use.

If you’re in a situation where you’re not doing anything but don’t want to activate time warp, you can do simple tap-and-holds on your screen, all while making sure you don’t move in another direction. That’s going to allow Leo to stand his ground, but without time warp taking effect. As you also want to save on time warp energy, this trick has a dual purpose, so use it whenever you’re trying to avoid time warp activation.

2. Wear The Private Helmet

By completing all of the missions available to you on any given floor, you will get a reward (a helmet) which you can keep permanently. The best of the earlier rewards is the Private helmet, which you will receive for completing all the missions in B1. That’s going to increase your gold rewards by 2 percent, and while that is, to be completely honest, a tiny increase, you will earn a lot more gold over time as long as you’re wearing that helmet. We suggest you wear the private helmet especially in the early parts, though you’re free to switch to another helmet if you believe you’ve earned enough gold.

3. The Missions Aren’t Important At First

Each floor comes with a set of missions, but if you’re playing a floor for the first time, the game won’t tell you what needs to be done – it’s a bit strange, but it’s also worth taking for what it is. You’ll only know the mission requirements after you’ve beat the floor’s boss – this might not happen in your first try, but you may sometimes get lucky and get rid of the boss right away, in your first go-around. You just need to be patient, as few people are able to do this on a regular basis. For the first time in a floor, you should set your expectations accordingly, and only try to stay alive. You’re always free to replay these floors to complete the missions and collect your reward.

4. What Are Some Of The Other Useful Helmets?

As you’ve probably noticed, the helmets can be incredibly helpful, though the things they do will always differ from one helmet to another. Let’s take a look at some of the other helmets that we find useful, aside from the Private Helmet that serves as your reward in B1.

B4 (Muscle Jump) will reward you with the Siberian, which increases drop rates by 3 percent. There is a bit of crafting involved in this game, so if you need schematics, cartridges, or scrap items, keep this helmet, or any other similar helmet, on. You’ll get the Walker completing all B6 (Elevator Ride) missions. This extends time warp by 20 percent, so if you’re trying to study a boss’ patterns, this is useful. B7 (High Voltage) rewards you with the Solid Horn, which increases primary weapon damage by 5 percent, and makes it easier for you to hack away at the bosses and get rid of them faster. Lastly for this tip, we’ve got the Polar Soul, which is your reward for beating B9 (The Big Cold). It gives you a 3 percent greater chance of getting sub weapon refills and revives if you get hit.

We’ve observed that almost all of the helmets are useful in one way or another, but it’s those four (aside from the Private helmet) that have struck us as being more helpful than the others.

5. Defeating The Tougher Bosses (Part 1)

Before ending this strategy guide, we will also be offering a couple tips for beating some of the game’s tougher bosses, namely the ones that come at the end of an episode.

For B5 (Boiler Room), you will be up against the fiery giant called Alfonzo. First off, dispatch of his two Kraken henchmen ASAP, while taking care of yourself and making sure not to get hit by the flames. Ironically, you may want to be in front of Alfonzo to ensure yourself the best chance of safety. Staying right above the grating will prevent you from getting hit by his flamethrower, but do NOT get on the grating, as flames may make their way past it, and end your run right then and there.

6. Defeating The Tougher Bosses (Part 2)

Next up, we shall be talking about the biggest, baddest boss of them all – Ulrich. How do you beat this fellow anyway, especially considering the fact that he rides on a fearsome crab mecha? For starters, you should be right in front of him, as he’s going to end your game by having the crab pinch you. But aside from the crab’s claws, you should actually be more careful of the blue lasers it shoots at you. These lasers fire every few seconds or so, and come in the form of four beams in a plus-sign formation. The beams will move counter clockwise, so you should try to cut things as close as possible to stay clear of the beams.

As for Ulrich himself, he makes himself useful by throwing grenades at random. That might sound like deadly stuff, but it’s actually quite easy to avoid them. It takes quite a while before the grenades blow up, so the only thing to do here is to be as careful as possible and not step on any of them.

And this completes our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Evil Factory. Do you know more hints for the game? If so, feel free to drop us a line!