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Wordscapes Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Peoplefun’s Wordscapes is, as they call it, a “modern word game” for Android and iOS devices. Truth be told, the mechanics aren’t really that different from the majority of word games out in the market, as the game is referred to as a combination of word searching and crossword games. You can call it what you want – a brain teaser, brain tickler, or brain trainer – but it serves the very same purpose, which is to offer simple, educational fun that could keep your brain working as you go from one beautiful destination to the next. There are more than 800 puzzles to solve, and while things will start out quite easy, they will get progressively more difficult as you move forward in the game.

At the moment, we’re still far from completing all those 800-plus puzzles. But we’ve done what we could, and we’ve compiled our own list of Wordscapes answers and solutions, which will have you covered for the first seven levels of the game. That’s good for more than 50 puzzles, so if you need some help getting started, you’ve come to the right place. That is, if you’re not cheating all the way by reading our answers from top to bottom!

Wordscapes Rise Level

#1: Cat, Act
#2: Own, Won, Now
#3: Are, Ear, Era
#4: Tap, Pat, Apt

Wordscapes Grow Level

#1: Dip, Tip, Drip, Rid
#2: Far, Air, Fair, Fir
#3: Den, Tend, Ten, End, Dent, Net
#4: Ark, Park, Par, Rap

Wordscapes Shine Level

#1: Nut, Not, Ton, Out, Unto
#2: Lady, Day, Lay *Lad
#3: Beat, Ate, Eat, Bat, Tab, Bet, Tea, Beta
#4: Nab, Barn, Ran, Bar, Ban, Bra *Bran

Wordscapes Pine Level

#1: Grand, Nag, Ran, Rang, Darn, Grad, And, Rag, Drag ^Dang ^Rad
#2: Loved, Love, Dove, Lode, Dole, Old, Doe, Ode ^Dev
#3: His,Sit,Sigh,This,Sight,Hit,Tis,Gist
#4: Art,Car,Rat,Tar,Cartb,Tart,Tract
#5: Ace,Ate,Cue,Cut,Eat,Tea,Cute,Acute
#6: Bad,Ban,Lab,Nab,Bald,Band,Land,Bland
#7: Age,Ale,Gal,Gee,Gel,Lag,Leg,Glee,Eagle
#8: Tie,Dice,Diet,Editb,Tide,Cited,Ice

Wordscapes Dew Level

#1: Cab, Cabs, Scuba, Cubs, Cub, Abs
#2: Ore, Rose, Lose, Sore, Roles, Sole
#3: Con, One, Lone, Clone, Cone, Once
#4: Thin, Hit, Ink, Kit, Think, Hint, Tin, Kin
#5: Apply, Pal, App, Lap, Play, Pay
#6: Peaks, Peas, Sap, Spa, Ask, Sea, Ape, Peak, Speak
#7: Silo, Soil, Oil, Lid, Idol, Sold, Sod, Solid, Sold, Sod
#8: Arc, Claw, Crawl, Raw, War, Car
#9: Pan, Piano, Pain, Nap, Pin, Pon
#10: Gag, Aging, Gain, Gin, Gang
#11: Dice, Did, Diced, Ice, Dice
#12: Led, Dug, Glued, Duel, Glue, Lue

Wordscapes Flow Level

#1: Then, Tent, The, Tenth, Net, Ten, Hen
#2: Satin, Stain, Saint, Tan, Sin, Its, Tins, Sit, Ant
#3: Sly, Yet, Style, Yes, Set, Lest, Lets
#4: Dim, Dice, Medic, Dime, Mice, Mid, Iced
#5: Grand, Ran, Nag, Darn, Grad, And, Drag, Rag, Rang
#6: Thin, Tin, Inn, Hint, Ninth
#7: Tube, Rut, Bet, True, Brute, Tuber, But, Rub
#8: Sure, Rug, Urges, User, Surge, Rue
#9: Porch, Pro, Chop, Cop, Crop, Hop
#10: For, Force, Core, Foe, Fore
#11: Rind, Rid, Rain, Raid, And, Aid, Drain, Ran, Darn
#12: Alike, Like, Leak, Lake, Lie
#13: Rug, Urged, Dug, Drug, Urge, Rude, Red, Due
#14: Are, Bear, Bare, Ear, Bra, Bar, Era, Brace, Care, Race
#15: Was, Wars, Swat, Straw, Saw, Rat, Art, Sat, Tar, Art, Star
#16: Marry, May, Ray, Army, Arm, Mar, Ram, Yam

Wordscapes Fog Level

#1: Baked, Beak, Bake, Bad, Bed, Bead
#2: Bay, Bye, Aye, Babe, Abbey, Baby
#3: Basil, Bail, Lab, Ails, Slab. Ails, Sail, Abs, Bils
#4: Lein, Nail, Lie, Alien, Lane
#5: Bacon, Bon, Ban, Can, Cab, Nab