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Word Crumble Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Word Crumble is yet another one of those myriad word games available for Android and iOS devices alike, and if it sounds like some delicious treats may be involved in them, you would be right. This is a game designed for those who love cookies and word puzzles alike, as the game’s maker, WordMania Studio, suggests, and it challenges players to showcase their “talent and imagination” to find the hidden words. Per usual, the game is advertised as a brain trainer that could help you improve your vocabulary and spelling skills, and you also have the option to compete against your friends to find out who is the real “word king” (or queen). Can you find the words as you see them on the letter cookies?

You may be wondering how you can solve more of the many levels available in this game, and how to improve your score and your standing among your friends, or in the worldwide leaderboards. We would be crazy to force-feed you all the answers, but we can share you a good number of them through this list of Word Crumble answers and solutions. Read on if you need some quick answers to levels that are giving you a hard time, but don’t read too much of this answer key, because you don’t want to kill the challenge of the game.

Word Crumble Answers Malicoco

#1: He, The
#2: An, Ad, And
#3: Of, Or, For
#4: Say, As
#5: Tub, But
#6: Of, Go, Fog
#7: Ow, Low, Owl
#8: To, Opt, Pot, Top
#9: Arm, Ram, Mar
#10: As, Ash, Has
#11: Or, Do, Rod
#12: At, Pat, Apt, Tap

Word Crumble Answers Secret Spiral

#1: At, Hat, Tat, That
#2: It, Hi, Wit, With, Whit
#3: He, The, Yet, Hey, They
#4: Of, Or, For, From, Form
#5: At, Hat, What, Thaw
#6: No, On, Wok, Now, Own, Won, Know, Wonk
#7: It, Me, Tie, Met, Time, Item, Mite, Emit
#8: Yea, Rye, Ray, Ear, Era, Are, Year
#9: We, He, Hew, New, Hen, When
#10: At, Tea, Ate, Eat, Take, Teak

#11: Go, Do, God, Dog, Good
#12: If, Lie, Lei, Elf, Life, File
#13: Do, Ow, No, On, Don, Nod, Own, Won, Down
#14: Or, Voe, Ore, Roe, Rev, Over, Rove
#15: As, Last, Sat, At, Lats, Alts, Slat, Salt
#16: Me, An, Men, Man, Mean, Mane, Amen, Name
#17: Rut, Nut, Urn, Run, Turn, Runt
#18: At, Rap, Pat, Apt, Tap, Art, Rat, Part, Rapt, Tarp, Trap

Word Crumble Answers Traviata

#1: In, It, No, On, To, Nit, Tin, Ion, Not, Ton, Into,
#2: Or, You, Our, Your,
#3: At, An, Hat, Tan, Ant, Than,
#4: Ilk, Lie, Lei, Like,
#5: He, The, Ten, Net, Hen, Then,
#6: Me, Or, Rem, Ore, Roe, More,
#7: An, At, Wan, Ant, Tan, Want,
#8: If, In, Fin, Din, Find,
#9: Veg, Vie, Give,
#10: My, An, Man, May, Yam, Any, Nay, Many,