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Dingbats Between The Lines Answers for All Levels

Dingbats Between the Lines is a game from that offers a unique take on the average word game, while nonetheless advertising itself as a brain trainer like so many others have. Available for Android and iOS devices, this game challenges you to solve a variety of puzzles in different styles to complete one phrase – it’s a bit of a misnomer to call them drawings, as they can be best described as unusual puzzle layouts, or dingbats, in other words. And if you’re unable to answer any of them, the game’s description says you can ask for hints in two ways – in-game clues, or (presumably) social media assistance from your friends via screenshot of the game.

Should you use up all those hints or wait patiently for your friends to give you the right answers? You don’t really need to wait, as you can get the answers you need instantly, through this list of Dingbats Between The Lines answers and solutions. So far, we’ve completed two levels and 42 individual dingbats, so check out our answers if any of the puzzles had thrown you off. But as we oftentimes caution our readers, we wouldn’t recommend reading this from number 1 to 42, as you wouldn’t want to remove all the challenge by having all the answers right in front of you.

Dingbats Between The Lines Answers Level 1

#1: Arm Over Arm
#2: Cut the Pear in Half
#3: More Fear Than Evil
#4: Water in the Gas
#5: Put the Small Dishes in the Big
#6: Eggs on the Plate
#7: Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket
#8: Turn Around
#9: Reverse
#10: Anytime

#11: Shock Wave
#12: the World Upside Down
#13: Having an Idea Behind the Head
#14: Masked Avenger
#15: Smile in Corner
#16: Tip-Saving
#17: the End of Beans
#18: Earthquake
#19: Air Rifle
#20: Putting Aside
#21: Cut the Speech

Dingbats Between The Lines Answers Level 2

#1: A Story Without a Tail or Head
#2: The Other Side of the Scenery
#3: All Roads Lead to Rome
#4: Putting Water in Your Wine
#5: Metro Line
#6: Holy Land
#7: Part of Legs in the Air
#8: Siamese Sisters
#9: False Note
#10: Black and White Film

#11: Having Lead in the Wing
#12: Always Fall on His Legs
#13: Riding on His Big Horses
#14: Without a Shadow of a Doubt
#15: Parallel Worlds
#16: Haunted Castle
#17: Breaking the Ice
#18: The Boss’s Tour
#19: Absurdity
#20: From Bottom Up
#21: Read Between Lines