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WordBrain Themes Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Completing More Themes

MAG Interactive’s WordBrain Themes comes to Android and iOS gamers from the same maker of WordBrain and Ruzzle. So how does this new game compare to its predecessor, the original WordBrain? In terms of how it’s played, it’s very similar – find words, and swipe them as you progress from one puzzle to another, with these puzzles getting progressively harder. The game is described as a great way to “train your brain” and advance from being a “simple Word Newbie” to a “Word Super Mastermind.” The main difference between WordBrain, though, is the fact that there are 77 different themes that all the words relate to; you just need to think how each word connects to the theme.

This isn’t an answer key like what we have sometimes – with 77 themes, it’s going to be a tall order to give you all the answers, and besides, it’s more fun to play this game without any crib sheets whatsoever. What we shall do, however, is give you a list of WordBrain Themes tips and tricks that can help you complete more themes, regardless of what they’re about.

1. From Easy To Hard

At first, the words won’t be too hard to figure out. But over time, you’ll find yourself dealing with harder and harder words as you move down the board. You’ll have more and more letters to deal with, and more possible words to come up with out of those letters. You won’t be alone, as the game allows you to use some hints, but we advise you not to use those hints on easy words, or words you can figure out quickly enough. Hints can be used on the harder puzzles, but not in themes where you really won’t be needing them.

2. A Simple Way To Deal With The Harder Puzzles

When solving puzzles that are more difficult, with multiple word options, you can solve words in any order. And we also suggest that you focus on finding one word at a time. Think of the theme, and look at the board; figure out words that you believe would fit into the theme, and fit into the number of letters in the word. Yes, we’re aware that you may end up redoing the whole thing if you clear words out of order, but the good thing is that you’ll know where you went out of order, and what not to do when you go for the redo.

3. Don’t Panic When You Encounter Multiples

You will inevitably encounter situations where you have more than one of the same letter in the puzzles. If your first try at completing a word doesn’t turn out well, you can retry and match words using those repeat letters. WordBrain in general is all about deviating from the obvious, and trying letter combinations you may not immediately figure out at first. Who knows, that rather unorthodox, peculiar order of letters just might be the start of an actual word, one you never thought you could spot!

4. How To Get Free Hints

Once you’re all out of hints, the first option you’ll be given would be to buy new hints in the in-app store. And since there’s no in-game currency, you’ll have to pay for those hints with real-life money. But there are two ways to get free hints, the first of which is to connect your game to Facebook and to share your progress. No, it’s not going to be enough to simply connect the game; you have to actually post a status message with your progress in it! (You can always delete that status message immediately, if you don’t like broadcasting game activity to your Facebook friends.) That’s going to get you ten free hints easily, though you can also complete puzzles and themes to get bonus hints for completing them.

5. Be Prepared For Random Words

In some cases, word combinations will be related to each other, which should help you clear words quickly. But in other themes, you may notice that the words will be completely random, if still related to the theme. That’s going to make things considerably harder in many cases, due to everything being randomized. So if you were able to clear one word but can’t think of the next one, you may think back to a previous time when the word you matched had been followed up successfully by a related word, and try to match the letters that second time around.

This is the end of our guide for Wordbrain Themes. If you like our tips and tricks or you know some other hints we haven’t mentioned in this guide, feel free to let us know!