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Round Balls Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a Super High Score

Josiah Jenkins’ new mobile game Round Balls has all the elements of a good casual game. It’s available for Android and iOS devices alike, it boasts of simple, yet addictive gameplay, and it comes with a short and punchy description on the App Store and Play Store. The only things you have to do here is to tap to switch sides and avoid the obstacles, and if you bump into one obstacle, that’s the end of your game. There are no bells and whistles in this game, which will get you hooked as you try to beat your high score. You can also earn some diamonds in this game, which you can use to unlock new balls.

Beat your high score and unlock new balls. Doesn’t seem like much, right? But as you may know from these games, they are very easy to learn, yet also hard to master. If you’re looking to top your high score and collect more diamonds so you can buy new balls, do check out this list of Round Balls tips and tricks.

1. Be Careful Of The Obstacles

The game simply works by tapping at the right time and avoiding the side of the playing field where the spikes appear, regardless of their orientation. Fortunately, the spikes do show up in a pattern – with a little practice, you’ll be able to figure out this pattern and know when and how to avoid them. Remember that it’s game over if you get hit by the spikes, so be careful and take note of that pattern!

2. How To Collect Diamonds

There is only one form of currency, and that form of currency is diamonds. They appear randomly on the levels, and you can get them by naturally playing the game. Still, that may take a while, as diamonds are often few and far in between. What you can do instead is to take advantage of the opportunities the game gives you after you lose a level. Regardless of your score at the time your game ends, you can hit the “Reward” button to launch an ad video. That’s going to earn you 50 diamonds once you’ve completed the video. Make sure you watch those videos from start to finish, or else you don’t get the diamonds! Also, watch as many of them as possible so you can stock up on diamonds.

3. What Happens When You Get New Balls?

You can use the diamonds you earn to buy new balls, but the catch here is that the new balls do not change the gameplay in any way. All the changes are cosmetic, as you simply get a different-looking ball, usually one with a different color. You can choose not to buy any new balls if you want to, but if you want to add some customization and change things up once you get bored with your current ball, then by all means, collect. It just might be what you need to improve your high score!

4. Take Breaks

Finding yourself hitting the spikes way too often and way too early? You might want to take a rest for about a half-hour or so, and return to the game feeling mentally refreshed. Playing for too long and racking up too many bad games in a row could lead to frustration, and that’s something you want to avoid when playing such games.

That’s it for now, as far as our Round Balls tips and tricks are concerned. If we find more hints for the game, then we will update this guide, so be sure to check back from time to time!