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Driving Zone Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Drive Longer Distances

Driving Zone is a new Android and iOS driving game by AveCreation, that boasts of stunning graphics, but a distinctively more casual, less in-depth feel than other titles in its genre. There are only nine cars to choose from, each of them different in terms of their design and performance, and four different tracks with different terrain and weather conditions. Indeed, it looks like AveCreation wants to keep things simple, as this game can arguably serve as a good starter for those who are new to driving games. Still, it’s very realistic, and there’s enough variety for anyone to enjoy – you can choose from sports cars, American muscle cars, or SUVs, all based on real-life vehicles, and experience winter and hot desert settings alike.

Although, this is definitely a different type of racing game from the likes of Need for Speed, CSR, and more, with an endless mechanic included, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to go as far as possible. We’re here to tell you about those things, with this list of Driving Zone tips and tricks.

1. Drive Off Road For More Coins

You can earn coins in this game based on the distance you go. And there is technically no limit to the number of coins you can earn – remember, this is an endless game! So how can you extend your run and earn more coins? Here’s a trick you can try – driving off road. That’s going to slow down your vehicle considerably, but you won’t lose a heart if you bump into any object. Bumping another car costs you one heart, which means driving in the desert much safer than it is to drive on the road like you normally would.

2. Change The Settings To Your Liking

Driving Zone comes with its share of customization options, which you can tweak to your liking on the track select screen. You can adjust traffic density, with low traffic ideal if you want to go as fast as possible with a lower chance of hitting people or other cars. There’s a bit of a bug here, where the cars merge into each other; ignore that bug, and take advantage of the light traffic. Additionally, you can choose the time of day, opting for day or night driving, depending on what you prefer.

3. How To Customize Your Car

Typically, racing games allow you to upgrade your car or add features to it as you earn more money. There are, however, some neat customization options in this game that go beyond the usual racing game features. For example, you can add ABS and traction control to add some safety features and make things easier for you as you drive, or remove those features if you want to try something more difficult. You can also choose to make your car front, rear, or all-wheel drive.

4. Small Cars Are Better For Long Distances

Based on our observations, small cars are better to use than larger ones or SUVs when it comes to traveling longer distances. You can probably go farther when driving an SUV or any large vehicle by hitting the camera button and allowing you to see your vehicle from outside, instead of a driver’s point of view. But small cars tend to be better to maneuver, as opposed to SUVs, which can be as clumsy to drive as they are large.

That’s it for now, as far as our Driving Zone tips and tricks are concerned. In case we discover some more hints for the game, we will share them here, so stay tuned!