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Living Legends Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Saving All Species

Living Legends is a unique mobile game, which comes to Android and iOS devices straight from the San Diego Zoo. The game was recently launched as part of the zoo’s 100th anniversary, and it has a noble goal for you, the players, to achieve. According to the game’s description, endangered animals “need your help” saving in this physics puzzler game, and you’ll have to interact with their habitats to gather those life-saving, nurturing resources. There are five different species to save, 50 different levels, various environments, and educational fun for players of all ages. You’ll also want to watch out, as some animals are currently listed as “coming soon,” meaning there should be more to come in future updates!

This is truly an interesting title, and in terms of mechanics, it’s mostly about swiping to cut the rope so you can release the food to feed the animals. You can also collect photos of the animals, and learn more about each animal’s story. Now, if you want to save all the species, we believe the best way for you to do this would be to read this list of Living Legends tips and tricks.

1. Do It Yourself, And We Mean It

The San Diego Zoo launched this game without any kind of in-app store, or items which you can purchase with in-game or real-life money. There aren’t any ads either except for those for the San Diego Zoo, which means you cannot watch ad videos either to get more good stuff. So what’s in it for you, the player? Simply put, you’ll have to do all the rope-cutting on your end, without the help of any power-ups or boosts. It’s going to be purely DIY here, though we’re here to help you “help yourself.”

2. Watch For The Obstacles

Many levels in this game come with their own share of obstacles. For example, the Lion levels come with stones hanging from vines. That would require you to cut the ropes the right way; do the cutting in the proper order, and at the right time, so you can earn a perfect three stars, and not “just” complete the level. You’ll need to deal with some trial and error here, as you can always cut the ropes in a different way if the order you tried isn’t cutting it, no pun intended. Other times, obstacles, including the frogs found in the Giant Panda levels, might actually work in your favor, so pay close attention to the obstacles while cutting the ropes.

3. Grind By Replaying Previous Levels

Eventually, you’re going to have to do some grinding in the game, as you’ll only be able to unlock a new animal’s set of levels by gathering so many stars in your current set. If you weren’t able to complete a level with a perfect three stars, go back to it later on and take note of what you had done at that time. Redo the levels you failed to three-star, preferably starting from the hardest and working your way to the easiest. Of course, you can do it the other way around, or in no particular order, just as long as you’re getting more stars so you can move forward.

4. About Animal Photos And How They Work

Lastly, you’ll see animal photos next to the level number, which you can then view and collect, while also checking their back story. Before you collect a photo, you’ll have to feed the animal properly by cutting the rope and getting the food into their mouths. And no, you won’t get any extra food with the photo once you collect it.

And this completes our quick list of tips and hints for Living Legends. Stay tuned for updates, as we will share more tips for the game in the near future!