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Wordalot Answers for All Levels

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store simply have no shortage of word games. One of them is MAG Interactive’s Wordalot, which is available on both mobile app stores and recently updated as of late last week, and allows you to solve hundreds of clues in a hybrid crossword puzzle and detective game. There are more than 250 pictures for you to figure out, and you’ll have to use your finest detective skills to find the clues within those pictures to fill out the crosswords. MAG Interactive claims that the game may be elegant and simple, but is also challenging enough to confound even the best word game players out there.

The developer is inviting you to give your word muscles the perfect workout, and as they always say when it comes to the actual workouts, no pain, no gain. But what about if you’re a beginner, and want to make some gains without feeling much pain, so to say? We’ve got just what you’re looking for – a complete list of Wordalot answers for all levels. And as always, we suggest not referring to this guide unless you’re really stuck – if you really want to build your word power, you don’t want to rely too much on that crib sheet!

Wordalot Answers Starter Pack 1

1-1: Sleeping, Kittens, Towel
1-2: Sunglasses, Hat, Shoes
1-3: Blue, Puppy, Brush, Eggs, Paint
1-4: Umbrella, Books, Lantern, Hat, Girl, Dress

Wordalot Answers Starter Pack 2

2-1: Balloons, One, Plate, Taxi, Birthday, Toys, Dog
2-2: Daughter, Mother, Teddybear, Basket, Book, Rug
2-3: Fishtank, Goldfish, Cat, Plants, Paw
2-4: Swimmingpool, Pebbles, Shadow, Water, Drinks, Orange


Saturday 11th of September 2021

My games do not have a level number. Just a word like genius or gifted . How do I get those answers?