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Word Tree (I Love Word) Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Level 41: porch, chop, crop, cop, pro, hop
Level 42: for, core, foe, force, fore
Level 43: rind, raid, and, drain, aid, rain, rid, ran, darn
Level 44: like, lake, leak, alike, lie
Level 45: urged, dug, rude, urge, drug, rug, red, due
Level 46: bare, are, bra, crab, care, race, bear, car, bar, ear, brace, era
Level 47: was, wars, straw, art, tar, sat, star, swat, rat, saw
Level 48: marry, yam, army, may, ram, mar, arm, ray
Level 49: beak, bead, bed, bad, bake, baked
Level 50: bay, babe, abbey, baby, bye, aye

Level 51: basil, ails, lab, bias, bail, slab, sail, abs
Level 52: lean, nail, line, lane, alien, lie
Level 53: bacon, boa, nab, ban, can, cab
Level 54: wing, won, owing, own, now, ion, win, gown, wig, gin
Level 55: hag, graph, harp, rap, gap, par
Level 56: skill, kill, ski, silk, ill
Level 57: shaky, hay, sky, has, ashy, say, ask, shy, yak, ash
Level 58: god, lodge, log, lode, leg, gel, dog, old, ego, gold
Level 59: air, rag, cigar, rig, arc
Level 60: ups, upset, setup, step, use, pest, put, pet

Level 61: skeet, seek, see, eek, tee
Level 62: soul, lot, lost, lotus, lust, slot, out
Level 63: ale, lamb, lame, balm, beam, able, elm, male, blame, meal, bam
Level 64: sip, ices, pic, epic, spice, pie
Level 65: peace, ace, cap, pea, cape, ape, pace
Level 66: demo, moved, doe, move, dove, mode, dome
Level 67: ice, wet, twice, tie, wit, cite
Level 68: ups, purse, rep, super, sure, pure, rue, sue, spur, user, per
Level 69: show, how, own, now, shown, who, won, snow
Level 70: dub, bod, out, tub, duo, bout, doubt, dot, bud, but

Level 71: yen, den, end, eyed, dye, needy, deny, need
Level 72: tea, axle, tax, tale, eat, latex, late, lax, ate, axe, let, exalt
Level 73: pic, hip, chi, tip, itch, phi, hit, pit, chip, pitch
Level 74: deer, fee, red, free, feed, defer, fed, reet, reed, freed
Level 75: son, nose, cones, once, cons, one
Level 76: thee, there, here, three, her, tree, the
Level 77: weepy, yep, ewe, weep, eye, wee, yew, pew
Level 78: lame, lad, male, mad, medal, meal, dame, made, elm, dam, lead, meld, deal, mead
Level 79: along, lag, anglo, goal, nag, loan, long, ago, gal
Level 80: rely, relay, earl, ear, early, era, rye, real, year, ray, layer

Level 81: mayor, may, roam, ram, ray, yam, army, arm, oar
Level 82: dare, raze, razed, are, ear, read, era, dear
Level 83: bonus, sun, bus, snub, son, bun, nub, sub
Level 84: sack, ask, cash, shack, hack, has
Level 85: ego, euro, ogre, rouge, rogue, our, urge, ore
Level 86: once, core, cone, corn, con, one, crone, nor
Level 87: spar, par, ask, spark, spa, ark, park, raps, sap
Level 88: scale, sea, ale, sale, seal, case, aces, lace
Level 89: band, darn, bar, brand, bran, bad, ban, bard, barn, nab, and
Level 90: weak, wake, awoke, oak, awe, woke, owe

Level 91: for, forty, try, fort, fry, rot, toy
Level 92: most, moist, its, sit, omit, sim, mist
Level 93: flu, fun, lung, gun, flung, lug, gulf
Level 94: yen, yet, rent, rye, entry, ten, net
Level 95: rib, risk, irks, sir, ski, brisks
Level 96: sweep, wee, weep, see, pews, sew, seep, ewe
Level 97: gas, nag, snag, gal, slang, sang, lag
Level 98: head, hay, dye, heady, hey, aye, had, day, yeab
Level 99: rad, radio, aid, raid, arid, air, road, rod
Level 100: set, toe, sore, store, sort, tore, ores, rest, rot, rose