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MU Origin’s Newest Update Introduces New Character Classes and Much More

MU Origin is back this month with a wealth of exciting new features in its latest update. A new class, new gameplay features, some cosmetic goodies, competitive events – they’re all here for you to explore. Here’s what you can expect in the game’s new version update.

MU Origin Version 2.3 introduces the Summoner class, a powerful new class that’s sure to please fans of magic. The Summoner can call upon the Valkyrie to do some serious damage to your enemies. The Summoner can be unlocked with a character at or above 3 Rebirth Level 1, or, alternatively, simply purchase a Scroll of Dark Souls in the shop to create your Summoner.

mu origin summoner update

The new Sub-Character feature expands the way you can customize your character, allowing you to create a secondary character of a different class. The Sub-Character will keep your original character’s Rebirth, Levels, Resources, Pets, and Stats, but will have their own Skills and equipment. It’s a great way to see MU Origin with fresh eyes. You can unlock the Sub-Character feature by completing the “Secret” quest and paying a one-time fee of 1,500 Unbound Diamonds.

There’s a new Guild event, too, if its multiplayer fun you seek. The Land of Struggle will pit guilds against each other as they compete to defeat the event boss in the shortest amount of time while dishing out the most damage. The event takes place every Wednesday through Friday. Should your guild come out on top, you’ll be rewarded with some tempting prizes, like Bound Zen, EXP, Contribution Points, and the Emperor Card.

There are quite a few smaller updates sprinkled throughout, including an alternative Refine system and a new all-server area, West Akeron. MU Origin introduces a new CP Rewards System, which grants you prizes based on your character’s CP. Thrown into the mix is the new Blood Costume and the Three Chicken Brothers, new pets that look cute but are deceptively tough.

You can try MU Origin for yourself right now on the App Store or Google Play.