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Word Tree (I Love Word) Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Word Tree (I Love Word), created by DrawAPP, is an amazing brain teaser word puzzle game designed for all ages. Try it and you won’t be able to put your device down! Don’t believe it? Accept the challenge and see for yourself!

No matter what language background you’re from, Word Tree (I Love Word) can let you have incredible fun and improve your English! Both adults and kids can maintain and expand their vocabulary while having great fun! Playing with family and friends can be even more fun! Gather more brain power, and have fun solving incredible and addictive word puzzles!

There are more than 2000 levels in Word Tree (I Love Word) and you’ll have to use your best skills to fill out the crosswords.

But what about if you are a beginner and want some help? We have solved the first 100 levels for you and here you will find the answers to get you started if you really want to build your word power and become a real word master.

Word Tree (I Love Word) Answers for All Levels

Level 1: cat, act
Level 2: own, won, now
Level 3: are, ear, era
Level 4: tap, pat, apt
Level 5: rid, rip, drip, dip
Level 6: fir, fair, air, far
Level 7: ten, dent, den, tend, end, net
Level 8: rap, par, park, ark
Level 9: not, nut, ton, out, unto
Level 10: lady, day, lay, lad

Level 11: beta, eat, bet, beat, ate, tea, bat, tab
Level 12: bar, bra, ran, barn, ban, nab, bran
Level 13: save, saved, vase, sad, ads
Level 14: dole, loved, ode, old, dove, led, love, doe
Level 15: sigh, sit, his, this, its, sight, hit
Level 16: tar, car, cat, tract, art, rat, cart
Level 17: could, cod, loud, duo, cold, doc, cloud
Level 18: bald, bland, ban, lab, land, nab, band, bad
Level 19: gel, leg, glee, eagle, gal, lag, age, ale
Level 20: heal, sea, she, leash, seal, has, ash, ale, sale

Level 21: cab, cub, cabs, cubs, scuba, abs
Level 22: rose, lose, roles, sore, sole, ore
Level 23: con, clone, once, cone, lone, one
Level 24: hit, kit, hint, kin, tin, think, ink, thin
Level 25: app, pal, play, apply, lap, pay
Level 26: peaks, peas, sap, spa, ask, sea, speak, ape, peak
Level 27: silo, soil, idol, sold, lid, oil, slid, old, solid, sod
Level 28: crawl, claw, are, raw, war, law
Level 29: pan, piano, pain, nap, pin, ion
Level 30: gag, aging, gain, gin, gang

Level 31: did, diced, ice, dice, iced
Level 32: led, lug, dug, glued, duel, glue, due
Level 33: tent, then, the, tenth, net, hen, ten
Level 34: satin, stain, tan, saint, sin, its, tins, sit, ant
Level 35: yet, style, lets, yes, lest, set, sly
Level 36: dim, dice, medic, iced, dime, mice, mid
Level 37: grand, darn, grad, drag, rang, ran, and, nag, rag
Level 38: thin, inn, tin, hint, ninth
Level 39: tube, true, tuber, tub, rut, bet, brute, but, rub
Level 40: sure, urges, surge, rug, user, sue