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Hit n’ Run Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Smash Your Way to Victory

Hit n’ Run is an interesting highway survival game that combines missions with classic survival gameplay in which you must stay alive as long as you can while getting away from cops and trying to outmaneuver civilian vehicles.

The game has pretty straightforward gameplay. While you hold your finger on the screen the time passes faster, and you can maneuver your car left and right. Once you remove the finger time will slow dramatically, and you will have an option to activate the bomb by tapping your car. It is all very simple but demands absolute focus and pretty good reflexes.

The highway is filled with other vehicles that fly by you very fast, and once you hit one too many a vehicle the game is over, and you have to start again. As we said, there are two main game modes. The classic story mode features 30 different missions that ask you to either survive for long enough, damage a certain number of specific vehicles, destroy a certain number of buildings or stay ahead of the police for a certain period of time.

Missions are interesting, and they become trickier to beat as you progress through the campaign. On the other hand, survival mode is all about staying alive as long as you can and playing it gives you both coins for buying new vehicles and special boost cards that give you various bonuses.

As for the visual presentation, Hit n’ Run features a sort of gritty presentation that perfectly corresponds with the game’s theme. Art style features saturated colors, detailed cars, and simple yet effective explosions along with grainy feel that should represent a highway that passes through Mojave dessert.

Hit n’ Run is an interesting game that can give you hours and hours of fun. It is a free to play title and, if you are patient, you won’t have to spend a dime, except if you want to buy an infinite gas tank that removes the need to wait for your energy to refill. Stay with us and find out how to beat every mission and how to get lots of coins and boost cards in survival mode.

1. Slowing Time Is An Essential Gameplay Element

As we already mentioned, Hit n’ Run features a simple gameplay mechanics. While you hold the finger on the screen, your car will run through the road and time will pass in normal mode. Once you pull your finger from the screen, the game enters a slow-time mode in which you can activate bombs. But slow mode is much more than a way to have more time to activate a bomb at a perfect moment. In fact, if you want to unlock survival mode (it gets unlocked after you beat mission number 20), you must slow down time as often as possible.

This will give you time to spot vehicles that have to be destroyed, to avoid police blockades, to spot buildings that need to be destroyed on time and to have enough time to destroy them and to navigate the highway once the traffic becomes a thick as it can get. You see, once the traffic becomes busy your car will be destroyed in a matter of seconds because it is so fast that passing every vehicle on your way is next to impossible if you don’t move the finger from the screen. No matter how tough a car is, it will get destroyed after a certain number of crashes so if you want to navigate the Hit n’ Run highway without getting your car destroyed you must slow down time often.

Once you notice the first vehicle, just enter the slow mode by lifting your finger from the screen and then look for the best route. And then just tap the screen in order to slowly advance through the traffic, while at the same time you avoid vehicles. Once you exit the traffic jam, you can drive without lifting a finger from the screen.

The slow-time mode is also great when you get notified that the police blockade is ahead. Just tap on the screen to circle through normal and slow mode and once you notice the police blockade slow down time and find the best route (whether that is a small police car instead of large and bulky truck or an empty spot on the blockade). Also, since the game features missions in which you need to destroy certain buildings, it is advisable to slow down time as soon as you get notified that a building is ahead, so you have enough time to activate the bomb or to pass through it (in case of chicken hens) and destroy it.

2. One Car Isn’t Perfect For All Kinds Of Missions

Hit n’ Run features plenty of different missions, and one car cannot be the best choice for all of them. Cars that can carry lots of bombs (three or more) and the best for building-destroying missions. Stable cars with high steering grade are best for missions in which you have to damage certain vehicles, and those that are tough are best for missions in which you have to survive the police for a certain period of time. So, instead of sticking to your first car, buy a couple of them until you get one that can carry lots of bombs (they are very important for certain missions) and one that is stable and has excellent steering. Once you get two cars that fulfill those requirements, start saving because after the mission number 15 you will unlock special cars that are way better than normal ones.

3. Save Up Coins For Special Cars

These special models feature better grades in all categories, and you will get one for free once you complete the 15th mission. The thing is, there are a couple of trucks in the special category that are just unusable because they are too long and will hit other cars as soon as traffic becomes congested. So, if you aren’t lucky you will get one of these trucks, and won’t be able to beat new missions because after mission 15, they become way harder. So, save at least 2000 coins before you unlock mission 15 in order to be able to get a new car in case you receive a huge special truck.

4. Bombs Are To Be Used Strategically

Bombs are great in Hit n’ Run because they are the only way to destroy multiple vehicles at once and because it is much easier to destroy a building with bombs than to just run over it. Because of that, you should use bombs only in specific situations. Let us explain which situations ask for bombs. When you are chased by the police vehicles, bombs are helpful but not required. If you can just smash police cars without destroying your car in the process, do not use bombs. On the other hand, if you have a high wanted level and are being chased by lots of police trucks, then you can activate the bomb. Just wait to get surrounded by cars so you can destroy as many of them as possible before activating the bomb.

The second situation where bombs can be used is when you face extremely congested traffic. When you see that even slowing down time often cannot give you time to find a route around other vehicles just waiting to get inside the middle of the traffic jam and then just activate the bomb. This will clear the traffic and let you live enough to complete your Hit n’ Run mission.

And finally, bombs can be used when you are near completing a building-blasting mission. Don’t use them to destroy buildings at the start; it is better to try hitting them with your car, saving bombs for later. This is a wise strategy because, as the longer you are alive, the traffic gets more and more congested, and there are more and more police blockades and vehicles chasing you. This makes pretty much impossible to hit buildings with your car because they are placed next to the road, and since there will be vehicles on both sides of the road almost constantly, save up bombs and use them to destroy buildings once you are left with just of couple of them that need to be blown up.

In survival mode, bombs are not to be used until traffic becomes for packed that you cannot maneuver through jams even in slow-time mode. Do not use bombs at the start because, when playing survival mode in hit n’ run, using bombs at the start is a perfect strategy for a quick death. In survival, the police is even more vigilant, and traffic can really be packed as highly as possible so do not use bombs until you are certain that you cannot advance without a couple of explosions.

5. Second Chance With The Police Car Is Great Way To Complete Missions

Once you get your car destroyed, the game will offer you to get a second chance by stealing a police car. All you have to do is to watch a short video ad. This offer is excellent because the police car is an excellent vehicle, better than most other cars you can play with. Even better, once you finish the 15th mission, you will get a better version of the car that is even tougher. The police car features excellent steering, superb toughness, and slots for three bombs. If your car is too weak to beat a certain mission, we advise you to crash it immediately and receive the second chance with the police car because we are certain it is a better choice than many regular vehicles.

6. Sometimes, It’s Better To Just Start The Mission Over Instead Of Trying To Beat It

During some missions, like the ones where you are asked to destroy buildings or damage a certain number of vehicles, Hit n’ Run can show its dark side. You see, since the frequency at which vehicles and buildings appear is governed by RNG (random number generator), it can happen that you, for instance, have to damage 12 blue busses and to find that, once the mission starts, you cannot see even one blue bus.

In case you notice that target vehicles or buildings are nowhere to be found, just crash your car and start the mission again. We found that this annoying thing happens pretty often so when you find that certain mission is too hard because you cannot find your targets after multiple restarts, just exit the game, restart it, and then start it and enter the mission again. This should fix the problem, in most cases. If you still find the mission to be too hard, there’s one way you can pass it and unlock the next one. Instead of cursing the game just play the mission lots of times (more than six times). Just enter the mission, crash your car and give up instead watching the ad to get a second chance with the police car. Then, after you fail at a mission enough times, the game will offer you to skip the mission and to go to the next one. Just watch the video ad, and that’s it! You will unlock the next mission.

7. Use The Boost Cards Wisely

In Hit n’ Run there are different boost cards that give you various bonuses. The problem is that, once you unlock a certain card type the game automatically activates them so, if you are not careful, you will spend all of your boost cards in just a couple of games. Before starting a mission, just tap on the boost card. It should be greyed out, meaning that it won’t be used. Do this because certain boost cards, like double money and better steering, are to be used only when needed.

For instance, double money boost is best for survival mode because you will play one survival game much longer than one mission, meaning that you will earn much more coins when playing survival. And the better steering is to be used during tough missions where you must run from the police or when you have to avoid all civilian vehicles for a certain period (this mission is one of the hardest in the game, and we strongly advise you to save up better-steering boost card for it).

Okay, folks, that was all. We found lots of different tips and tricks while we played Hit n’ Run and we shared all of them with you. If you follow them you should finish every single mission, you should have an excellent and capable car, and you should be able to drive for miles and miles in the game’s survival mode. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!