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Word Flowers Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Word Flowers is a new game offered by PeopleFun and it’s sure to grip your mind.You might think “one more word game” and perhaps you are right only in the beginning. Little by little you understand that the concept is quite different. Not only are you given the opportunity to gain more coins with the solution of extra starred words, but also, occasionally, you get intrigued to solve the word that has a butterfly in order to get even more coins.

When a ladybug appears, hooray! If you find this word first, more letters are revealed on the grid making it a piece of cake. It’s really helpful for you to find even the most difficult words. And if you are so good at finding extra words that are valid but not included in the grid, they are stored and then you get more and more coins.

As for the Word Flowers daily puzzles, there’s only one thing we can say: “Do them!” You’ll love them because you can collect precious butterflies which enable you to reveal wonderful pictures and make a collection of them. So, don’t lose a moment. Start this game and if you are stuck of answers, here we are to help you. And don’t complain about the ads. If you disconnect from the Internet, you can play the game with no interruptions at all. So enjoy it and have fun!

If you need some help with Word Flowers daily puzzles, then head over to our dedicated article for all the answers and solutions!

Word Flowers Answers & Solutions for All Levels


1: who, how
2: pot, opt, top
3: ram, arm, mar
4: tea, eat, ate
5: good, god, goo, dog


1: lob, bow, bowl, blow, owl, low
2: ski, sin, sink, ink, skin, kin
3: ape, pace, cap, pea, cape, ace
4: real, earl, ale, are, era, ear
5: man, men, mane, mean, name, amen


1: not, nit, ton, tin, ion, into
2: par, pay, pry, rap, pray, ray
3: pit, its, sit, tip, tis, sip, spit
4: tad, tar, rad, art, dart, rat
5: bar, barn, bran, nab, ban, bra, ran


1: ads, salad, lad, sad
2: rode, odder, rod, ore, add, red, doe
3: snow, son, now, soy, snowy, own, won
4: cease, see, case, ease, sea
5: idea, died, dead, did, aided, aide, dad, add
6: crimp, imp, rip, rim
7: him, chime, mice, hem, chi, ice
8: even, ever, eve, never, nerve
9: teen, tenet, tent, tee, net, ten
10: chip, pin, chin, inch, pic, hip, nip, pinch