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Baikoh Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Baikoh is an immersive word game created by Mum Not Proud, that’s available for Android and iOS devices. This game combines word-forming elements with gameplay similar to Tetris, resulting in an intense arcade puzzle game like you have never seen before. Letters will continue to fall from above, and it is up to you to form words as quickly as you can in order to destroy them. Don’t let the letters stack up too high. If they reach the top of the screen, it’s game over. As your score goes up, so will the difficulty level of the game. You will start encountering ghosts, bombs, and other obstacles that will try to stop you from forming words. You will need to be quick, but you also have to be strategic, if you want to succeed. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Baikoh tips and tricks to help you get a super high score!

1. Choose Speed Over Length

Word game enthusiasts might be tempted to look for long, complex words to spell in the pile of letters. This is extremely counterproductive in Baikoh because your goal is to clear the stack as quickly as possible. If you take too long in forming a word, you risk getting overwhelmed by the steady stream of letters. It is better if you stick to short words to keep the letters from stacking. In fact, if you know a lot of two-letter words, that’s even better. Speed is the name of the game. You should only form longer words if you have a lot of time to spare.

2. Prioritize Using The Bottom Tiles

Letters do not fall evenly on the board. That means you will have letter towers of different heights as you progress in the game. You should prioritize forming words using tiles from the bottom of the board to keep things as even as possible. The only exception to this is when you have a particularly tall letter tower forming. Use the letters from the top of that pile then complete the word with the rest of the other tiles.

3. You Can Reuse Words

Don’t worry if you have already played a certain word. You can replay the same words over and over as long as the letters are available. This will be especially useful since you want to form short words as much as you can. If you see duplicate letters scattered on the board, take advantage of it by forming the same word multiple times. It is a great time saver since you won’t waste precious seconds thinking about what word to form.

4. Unlock All Badges

Baikoh has power ups available for you to use and they are called Badges. Keep in mind that you need to equip a specific Badge in order to use it during a game. You need empty slots to add a Badge, and you can free up slots using Baikoins. Badges provide different benefits, but in general, they are useful when you run out of words, or if you are getting overwhelmed by the stacks.

The two primary types of Badges are Manual and Automatic. Manual Badges need to be activated during gameplay while Automatic Badges give you passive benefits as soon as they are equipped. We have listed the different Badges below, so you will have a better idea of how you can use them.

Wild Card (Manual) – As you may suspect, the Wild Card can become any letter that you want. Use this if you are one letter short of the word you want to form. Save it as a last resort, in case you run out of ideas.

Double Coin (Automatic) – This can be unlocked by forming an eight-letter word and submitting it. Equipping this will help you earn bonus points for forming words. This is the Badge for players who insist on forming longer words since the bonus it gives increases with the number of letters per word. If you want to unlock it sooner, try to use the Wild Card to help you complete the eight letters that you need.

Tank (Manual) – This Badge will shoot a cannonball that will clear tiles in its path. Use this to destroy tall stacks of letters before you run out of space! Of course, save it for when you are out of options. Using it too soon may get you in trouble down the line.

Chomp (Manual) – You just need to form a total of 200 words in order to unlock this badge. Once you activate it, a cute little monster will chomp on the tallest stack of letters on the board. Needless to say, you should wait until there is an actual tower that needs to be demolished before you unleash this little beast.

First Aid Kit (Manual) – Destroying a total of 20 traps across multiple games will unlock this Badge. Activating this will destroy all traps on the board. This is useful for later stages of the game when things get too complicated because of traps.

Box Cutter (Automatic) – This powerful Badge continuously destroys random tiles on the board at given intervals. Of course, it is a little more difficult to unlock. You need to score 400 points in a single game to get this Badge. Try using the Double Coin Badge to help you earn the points you need.

Double Double (Automatic) – Like the Double Coin Badge, this one also passively gives you bonus points for forming words. It is a lot more difficult to unlock this, however. You will need to score 50 points on a single word in order to unlock it. Try using the Wild Card to make a very long word and reach the 50-point mark.

Bouncing Ball (Manual) – This is one Badge that requires you to use another Badge to unlock. You need to use the Tank to destroy 100 tiles to unlock it. It upgrades the cannonball and makes it bounce once, allowing it to destroy even more tiles along the way.

Good Boy (Manual) – Similar to the Bouncing Ball, you also need to use a specific Badge if you want to unlock this. Use Chomp to destroy a total of 100 tiles in order to acquire this Badge. Once you activate it, Chomp will stick around a little longer, destroying more tiles. Good boy, indeed.

Healing Shield (Manual) – You need to use the First Aid Kit to heal a total of 32 tiles in a single game in order to unlock this. That’s a tall order but once you have this, you will be able to neutralize traps and clear any effects on normal tiles.

Fat Burner (Automatic) – Scoring a total of 800 points over multiple games will unlock this Badge. When it is equipped, it will automatically ignite an entire row of letters, destroying the tiles in the process. However, you need to quickly form words to keep the fire lit. The fire will burn out if you send an invalid word, so be careful.

Pinball (Manual) – Use the Tank or the Bouncing Ball to destroy the vowels A, E, I, O, or U. Once it is activated, two flippers will appear on the board, similar to that of classic pinball machines. These flippers will then make the cannonball bounce off, allowing even more tile destruction to take place.

Life Saver (Automatic) – Win ten versus matches in order to unlock this Badge. Equipping this will give you a second chance after you fail a level. You will be given a few more seconds to form additional words even when it’s game over.

Punch Glove (Manual) – You will need to send a total of 30 traps in versus matches in order to unlock this Badge. It is useful in knocking out letters in versus matches. Use it to strategically to in your matches.

5. Get More Baikoins

Baikoins are the currency of the game. You need Baikoins to buy more Badges since the power ups are all consumable. Keep in mind that you will only be able to purchase Badges that you have already unlocked. There are several ways for you to earn more of these coins in the game. First, you can earn coins by simply playing in Solo mode. Whenever your game ends, you will be given the option to claim half of the rewards immediately or continue where you left off by watching a video advertisement. Of course, it is recommended that you continue so you can earn even more coins.

Another way to earn more coins is by playing the Daily Bribe mini-game. It isn’t really much of a mini-game since you just need to pick one of three face-down cards. Whatever you pick will be your reward. If you want to flip an extra card, you can watch a video advertisement to do so. Needless to say, you should always take advantage of the extra card option in order to maximize your daily rewards.

Finally, don’t forget to connect to the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages to submit your ideas. You will get 100 coins for each social media page. To do this, you just need to tap on the Feedback button on the main screen. It is a one-time freebie but every little bit can go a long way in this game.

6. Play The Secret Game Modes

When you are in the home screen, you will probably notice a treasure chest icon on the left side. Tapping on this icon will take you to the five secret game modes available. The first secret mode is Baikoh Says. The game’s AI will give you specific instructions on how to form words, and you will have to follow them to keep playing. For example, if the AI says you need to for a word that starts with B and ends with T, you need to figure out words that meet this criteria before time runs out. The instructions will vary, so you need to be on your toes if you want to keep up. This is possibly the most challenging among the five secret modes.

The second secret mode is Dictation. As the name suggests, you will be given words that you need to form. You just need to form the words that are listed at the bottom of the screen. It sounds easy at first, but as the game progresses, the board will start filling up with letters that will make it difficult for you to find what you need.

The third secret mode is Word List. The game will give you a list of words that you can reveal by tapping and holding on the Watch List button. You will then have to find the word that is hidden in the stack of letters. Not all words are in the current board. You will need to find the first word that is available, then quickly swipe to move on to the next board.

The fourth secret game mode is No Repeat. This is a freestyle mode where you can form as many words as you want within the time period. The only catch is that you cannot enter the same word twice. If you accidentally reuse a word, the game is over. Make sure you keep track of what you submit to stay in the game.

The last secret game mode is Bombs. In this game mode, certain letters on the board will have bombs on them. You need to use these letters to form a word in order to remove the bombs from the game. Don’t worry because you will have multiple chances to remove the bombs. The game is only over if you get three X’s. Just focus on removing the ticking letters as soon as possible. The length of the words doesn’t really matter.

Are you ready for some action-packed word play? Don’t forget any of the Baikoh tips and tricks listed above, and you will be topping the leaderboards in no time!