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Word Saying Idioms & Proverbs Answers, Cheats & Solutions

Word Saying Idioms & Proverbs is a word game from Smart Up where, just as the title suggests, you will have to guess the phrases in the puzzles. These may be idioms, proverbs, sayings, quotes, or general phrases, and you will have to swipe up, down, left, right, and diagonally to play the game boards, and combine the letters to string together the sentences/phrases that are being asked for. There are 30 puzzle packs in the game, good for a total of 580 levels, and while a lot of the phrases will come easily to you, there may be others that may be a bit more challenging.

If you find yourself having some difficulty coming up with the right phrases, you may need some help from us, some easy answers to questions that are proving to be more difficult than you have anticipated. We’ve got just what you need here – a Word Saying Idioms & Proverbs answers and solutions covering the first 100 levels in the game. We do not recommend reading the answers from top to bottom, as that would ruin the fun of the game, but if there’s a question or two that may be giving you a hard time in the first hundred levels, you can find the answers right here.

Word Saying Idioms & Proverbs Answers

Feel free to leave a comment below if you need help.

Word Saying Baby Pack Answers

#1: Come On!
#2: Night Owl
#3: Fairy Tale
#4: Early Bird
#5: Hot Potato
#6: Easy As Pie
#7: Dark Horse
#8: Lucky Dog
#9: Heads Up
#10: Red Rose

Word Saying Walker Pack Answers

#11: Day Time
#12: All Ears
#13: In the Bag
#14: Swan Song
#15: Old Story
#16: Love Birds
#17: Last Straw
#18: On the Nose
#19: Cry Wolf
#20: High Five

Word Saying Slide Pack Answers

#21: Nest Egg
#22: Sad Dog
#23: Go Dutch
#24: At Stake
#25: Hurry Up!
#26: Blue Moon
#27: South Paw
#28: On the Dot
#29: No Problem
#30: Kill Time

#31: Cold Fish
#32: Duck Soup
#33: No Picnic
#34: White Lie
#35: Calm Down
#36: Funny Farm
#37: Green Room
#38: Up to Speed
#39: Wind Power
#40: Good Luck!

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