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1000 Words Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Quarzo’s 1000 Words is a word game for Android and iOS devices where the mechanics are quite simple, but rather different from the majority of word games we’ve covered. Each puzzle will require you to find one or more words, and what you’ll have to do is to swipe your finger from the first letter, then onto the connecting letters to string the correct answer together. You can string letters together vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and if you aren’t quite sure of what the word is, you will find the category listed on top – it may be about food, countries, animals, sports, or what have you, but the category should help you figure things out as quickly and easily as possible.

Sometimes, however, it isn’t that simple. Some of the words may not be so easy to find, and that may even apply in the first few levels of the game. So if you’re having a hard time figuring out some of the earlier and easier puzzles, we’ve got a list of 1000 Words answers cheats, solutions below, covering the first 50 levels of the game. There are many more levels than a mere 50, but read on (but not from top to bottom) if some of those first 50 are throwing you off.

1000 Words Answers Levels 1-25

#1 : Word
#2 : Lion
#3 : Pear
#4 : Hand
#5 : Boat

#6 : Gold
#7 : Wine
#8 : Wool
#9 : Moon
#10 : Love

#11 : File
#12 : Year
#13 : Book
#14 : Rose
#15 : Face

#16 : Rome
#17 : Duck
#18 : Jazz
#19 : Wind
#20 : Snow

#21 : Camel, Frog
#22 : Corn, Bread
#23 : Amber, Coal
#24 : Storm, Wind
#25 : March, July