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Christmas Pics Quiz Answers for All Levels

Poptacular’s popular 100 Pics series has just gotten a holiday touch to it, as the company has just released an iOS game called Christmas Pics Quiz. The premise of this game is very simple – you will be shown a bunch of pictures, and asked to guess what’s being depicted in the pictures, much like you would in Poptacular’s other games of this kind. It’s the ultimate quiz to get you in the Christmas mood, as the company claims, and you can also guess the emoji Christmas puzzles, on top of the main game where you have to guess what’s on the picture.

There are other game features, such as the ability to get a free Christmas present for each day in December. But you probably don’t want to learn more about the features, or at least too much about them – you might want to know how to answer some of the more difficult questions in the game. Fortunately, we’ve answered several of them, and we’ve come up with a pretty cool list of Christmas Pics Quiz answers and solutions, covering all answers that consist of three to 14 letters in total. Read on if you’re in need of some holiday cheer, but not getting any due to the difficulty of some of the questions!

Christmas Pics Quiz Answers for All Levels

Below you can find a complete set of answers and solutions for Christmas Pics Quiz.

Christmas Pics Quiz 3 Letters


Christmas Pics Quiz 4 Letters