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Jalebi – A Desi Word Game Answers for All Levels

Jalebi – A Desi Word Game is now available for Android and iOS users, and this game from Happy Adda is said to be India’s first multilingual word game for adults and children alike. Just tap your finger over the crossword grid, and tease your brain as you try to find the hidden words. There aren’t any frills to this game, just good old fashioned brain teasing through word puzzles, and as the game promises, you can play it in a variety of languages, aside from English. There are also various topics to tackle, such as movies, music, animals, food, celebrities, and many others.

There really isn’t anything to watch out for in terms of unexpected twists and turns in the game mechanics. But there may be some words that aren’t quite familiar to you, and aren’t easy to figure out the first time around. That’s why we have come up with a list of Jalebi – A Desi Word Game answers and solutions, covering the first 40 levels of the game. We recommend only checking this guide if you’ve tried several guesses but couldn’t quite figure it out – spoon feeding yourself with all the answers takes away the challenge of the game, after all!

Jalebi – A Desi Word Game Answers for All Levels

Below you can find all the answers and solutions for Jalebi – A Desi Word Game

Jalebi Levels 1-20

#1: Jalebi
#2: Sea
#3: Bed
#4: Cow
#5: Saw
#6: Physics
#7: Santoor
#8: Egg
#9: Mosquito
#10: Yams