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Word Panda Feed Answers & Cheats for All Levels

It’s as easy as swiping the word, and feeding the panda babies. Word Panda Feed is a new Android and iOS word game from Colordeer Limited that allows you to “keep playing for free” as you keep feeding the panda babies and their mother. Just touch and swipe the letters to create word bread and word cookies — when connecting the letters, you can do so from any direction, may it be left, right, up, down, diagonally, or even backwards. And just as any good word game should, the game’s makers say that their title can help enlarge your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills. It’s a casual, addictive game for the whole family to enjoy, but how well can you do when push comes to shove?

As we often do, we’ve done the dirty work and come up with a list of Word Panda Feed answers and cheats. But this answer key is going to be more of the “quick start” variety, as we’ve solved the first 30 levels of the game and given you the answers below. Bear in mind, though, that there are many, many more levels, and that it’s still best if you only refer to our answer key if you’re truly stuck and unable to come up with the answer!

Word Panda Feed Answers All Levels

Word Panda Feed Answers Level 1 – 10

#1: Me, Gem
#2: Go, Ago
#3: Us, Sue, Use
#4: If, It, Fit
#5: Do, Go, Dog, God
#6: Is, It, Its, Sit
#7: To, Opt, Pot, Top
#8: Of, Ox, Fox
#9: Pat, Tap, At
#10: My, Am, May, Yam

Word Panda Feed Answers Level 11 – 20

#11: Do, Or, Word
#12: On, No, Now
#13: Hid, His, Dish
#14: At, Art, Rat, Tar
#15: As, So, Also
#16: Me, Ice, Mice
#17: Lie, File, Life
#18: Hat, Tab, Bath
#19: Bet, Let, Belt
#20: Dew, Die, Wed, Wide

Word Panda Feed Answers Level 21 – 30

#21: Ire, Fire, Rife
#22: Die, Ire, Red, Rid, Fire, Ride, Rife, Fired, Fried
#23: Act, Cat, Fat, Fact
#24: Day, Dry, Ray, Yard
#25: Cow, Low, Owl, Cowl
#26: Bow, Rob, Row, Brow
#27: Bot, Lot, Blot, Bolt
#28: He, Ace, Ache, Each
#29: Ran, Raw, War, Warn
#30: Of, Or, To, For, Rot, Fort