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Wordmania Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Wordmania – 4 Pics 1 Word is a game from Taps Arena that has actually been around for quite a while. But in case you need a refresher on this Android and iOS game from Taps Arena, the game invites you to “dive (into) a world of fun,” where you simply need to guess the one thing in common you see in the four pictures. Guess the word and you’re good to go and to move on to the next question. You will win coins for each correct answer, and when talking about the number of questions in this game, Taps Arena says there are 200 of them all in all. You can use your coins to buy hints, and if you need to, you can go to the in-game store to buy coin packs with real money. (Hopefully that’s something you’re trying to avoid.)

Then again, why should you even bother with the in-game hints? Our list of Wordmania — 4 Pics 1 Word answers, cheats and solutions contains answers to the first seven puzzle packs, so if you’re stuck anywhere in the game, you can always pull up our answer key and get the correct words from there. Just make sure to refer to the answer key only when you’re stuck, as it wouldn’t be fun, after all, to answer those seven puzzle packs straight-up while reading the guide.

Wordmania Answers Level Pack 1

Level 1-1: Game
Level 1-2: Circle
Level 1-3: Flower
Level 1-4: Fall
Level 1-5: Shake
Level 1-6: Grass
Level 1-7: Pair
Level 1-8: Wave
Level 1-9: Family
Level 1-10: Blue

Level 1-11: Food
Level 1-12: Maze
Level 1-13: Sunset
Level 1-14: Jump
Level 1-15: Repair
Level 1-16: Hot
Level 1-17: Match
Level 1-18: Parade
Level 1-19: Fruit
Level 1-20: Pebbles

Level 1-21: Zoom
Level 1-22: Shield
Level 1-23: Tent
Level 1-24: Sweet
Level 1-25: Player

Wordmania Answers Level Pack 2

Level 2-1: Glass
Level 2-2: Duel
Level 2-3: Empty
Level 2-4: Powder
Level 2-5: Ceiling
Level 2-6: Safari
Level 2-7: Shoe
Level 2-8: Tangled
Level 2-9: Spin
Level 2-10: Christmas

Level 2-11: Nature
Level 2-12: Horn
Level 2-13: View
Level 2-14: Spot
Level 2-15: Sparkling
Level 2-16: Wreck
Level 2-17: Zigzag
Level 2-18: Weak
Level 2-19: Arrow
Level 2-20: Queen

Melba. Rosado

Saturday 15th of January 2022

I am in page 680 and there is no word with 6 letters, next to last is e. No such word. Answers don't go that high or I don't know where to find it.

Linda english

Wednesday 17th of November 2021

I just found out that there are levels I’ve been playing this game for sometime when I will get stuck I would just leave the page and come back and look at it again I never knew that I just found this out I would like to know what level I am on all I know is that it keeps telling me that I am close don’t stop but I don’t know how close I am thank you and I love my reaction to the funny comment you made they make my day 👍