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Bricks Breaker Cat House Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Break as Many Bricks as Possible

Depending on your operating system, you may know the game as Bricks Breaker Cat House (Android), or Brick Break Cat House (iOS). This is a new casual puzzle game from Good Games Co., and your objective here is to swipe healing time with a variety of cats. You can be healed by these cats and “cute obstacles” alike, and if you’re wondering how many cats you can unlock, the game has 24 of them. Playing the game is as simple as swiping to shoot the ball and break the bricks, and the one thing you want to avoid here is for the bricks to hit the bottom of the screen.

As you can see, there is a lot of Breakout influence in this game, though at the end of the day, it’s a completely different kind of puzzler. The graphics are simple but gorgeous, and that should make it more fun for you, as well as other players, to shoot all those balls and help your cats eat as much fish as they could. But if you’re still wondering how to play this game and what to do to be successful in it, we suggest checking out our list of Bricks Breaker Cat House tips and tricks.

1. The Levels Are Procedurally Generated

“Procedurally generated” is a common buzzword in the mobile gaming space. For those who don’t know what the term means, this is what game companies use to describe levels that are randomly generated, meaning each new game is a completely new experience for you. Keep this in mind when playing Bricks Breaker Cat House, as you wouldn’t want to take note of all the mistakes you made in one play-through, only for you to realize that the next play-through is throwing something completely different your way.

2. Go For ‘All Clear’ Status Early On

The game makes it progressively harder to get that coveted “all clear” status as you move from level to level. That in itself should be expected. But that also means you should be trying to shoot for “all clear” star damage in the early goings of the game. Take those early levels seriously, and try to clear as many areas as you could. This will allow you to accumulate a ton off stars, and use those stars at later points during your play-through. That actually leads us to our very next tip, which is to caution you that…

3. Stars Do Not Carry Over To The Next Game

This is something that you probably should be expecting in most every casual puzzler you play. It won’t be that challenging if the rewards you get in a play-through carry over to the next, and that’s likely why the makers of Bricks Breaker Cat House do not allow players to keep the stars they get in a play-through. But the good thing about all the is the you can spend your stars freely during any given play-through — there’s no need to hold on to them anyway. We would recommend that you save your stars for the later stages of the game, or preferably anytime after completing the first boss battle. Look for ways to spend those stars, because they can be a lot of help.

4. Spend Stars To Continue A Game Or To Get Boosts

At this point, you’re probably thinking that Bricks Breaker Cat House can be filed in the “endless casual” category. If so, then you would be right. But that also means you can take advantage of one of the old standbys of these games — the ability to use your stars to watch an ad video and continue your play-through right where you left off. You can also use your stars to get some valuable help and buy some boosts.

The first boost allows you to remove five squares from the board, while the second allows you to double the number of balls that you can launch at a time. Remember, however, that the price of the boosts increases progressively with each time you buy a new one; make sure you’re making the most out of those boosts, because you don’t want to overpay for something you only ended up wasting! Still, there’s no real reason to hang on to your stars, so if you’ve got some stars to spare, don’t hesitate to spend them on some boosts.

5. Other Benefits Of Watching Ads

If you fail the game by being unable to clear the board, the game will allow you to watch two ads. Take advantage of this opportunity, because unless you’re playing poorly to begin with, those ads could help you make it to the later stages. With that in mind, watching the ads served up by the game are a better option if you want to continue your existing play-through; save your stars for the boosts, because you may need more than a few if you want to make it far in your game.

6. The Game Also Has Power-Ups

Bricks Breaker Cat House has other ways of making sure you aren’t alone when you play through and move from one level to the next. You also have some power-ups that can be acquired during the course of a game; make sure to gather them and use them whenever applicable. The cat symbol, for example, rewards you with an extra ball, but there are many others that serve different purposes. You’ll usually get a lot of them anyway as they drop randomly, but remember that most of these power-ups are one-use-only; don’t get carried away and use them whenever and wherever you please, or for the sake of “testing”!

7. Move The Ball On Top Of The Tiles

If you remember the original Brick Breaker game, this was what many players had looked forward to at all times — getting the ball right to the top, and destroying all the bricks below it. You can also do this in Bricks Breaker Cat House, though you’ll have to go back to what we had said earlier — the levels are procedurally generated, which means the tiles you get will always be random. Still, it’s worth it to try getting the ball to the top, or at the very least, hitting as many tiles as you could if the design of a level prevents you from achieving your “ultimate” goal. This could be useful as the levels get progressively harder.

8. Always Be Aware Of The Number Of Balls You Have

When you launch a ball, it goes without saying that you should be launching it toward a tile. But there may be some occasions where you will have more balls than the required hits for a given tile. That means you should be especially aware of the direction the balls may be traveling in; it’s important not to waste those balls, so pay very close attention to things. It’s a very easy thing to overlook, and you can easily end up wasting a lot of balls as they make contact with air instead of with tiles. So maintain your focus when taking the balls’ trajectory into account.