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REKT! Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

REKT! is an iOS-exclusive stunt driving game from that boasts of super realistic physics that will give you the thrilling experience of a lifetime. It features a multilayered free-roaming sandbox arena where you can practice your stunts. You will need to perfectly execute numerous tricks in order to gain high scores. Unlock over 20 different cars to use in your stunts. There are numerous challenges and races that you will need to overcome in order to become the ultimate stunt driver. The controls are easy to understand but are difficult to master. You will need the help of our REKT! tips and tricks if you want to be able to pull of complex stunts that will wow audiences.

1. Hone Your Driving Skills

As we mentioned above, the controls take a bit of practice in order to master. Basically, you need to swipe left or right to make your car spin, and swipe up or down to perform a flip. Tap and hold on the screen if you want to hit the brakes. It may seem simple but actually pulling off the stunt and landing properly can be complicated. You will need to be able to break after your spin or flip in order for the stunt to count. If you fail to land correctly, you won’t earn any points for what you did.

2. Check The Objectives

REKT! lets you play around the sandbox arena a bit if you want to. If you want to progress, however, you will need to meet certain objectives. You will receive sets of objectives as you play. These start off as easy tasks that introduce you to the game’s mechanics. As you go further, the tasks will get more complicated. You can complete the tasks one at a time but you get more rewards if you are able to pull off a stunt that meets all of them at once. Don’t forget to pick up extra time along the way to help you get better scores.

3. Get To Know The Cars

There are several cars for you to unlock and use in the game. Each car drives differently so make sure you practice every time you get a new one. There is no best car for you to use as it all depends on your playstyle. Try out each of the cars and see which one suits you the most. You can try out certain stunts using different cars so you can gauge how well they perform in specific situations. Finding the perfect car can help you get even better scores in the game.

4. Think Outside The Box

Do not be afraid to experiment with the different areas of the map. Even though there is only one arena, there are a lot of things you can do in it. Check out the different ramps and think of how you can use them to pull off better stunts. You will also find a ball lying around that you can push around with your car. See if you can incorporate it into your tricks to come up with fresh stunts.

5. Use Everyplay To Show Off

While REKT! does not have a multiplayer option, you can still show off your skills to the world by using Everyplay. Come up with the most complicated stunts you can do and share it so other players can watch. You can also check out stunts shared by other players to see if you can beat them by adding your own twist!

Finding different ways to flip a car is both exciting and challenging. Make sure you remember the REKT! tips and tricks listed above to help you get top scores! In case you know other tips to share, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comment area!