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Word Connected 3: Crosswords Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Word Connected 3: Crosswords is an Android-only crossword game where the rules, once again, are quite simple. You’re given puzzles that come with words associated with one photo. Your job is to guess what those words are and keep completing crosswords. If you can’t see the photo well enough, you can tap on it to zoom in. And, as the game says, there may be some answers that are pretty obvious just by looking at the photo, while there may be others that may throw you off and force you to think out of the box. As such, this makes a good brain “workout” game, especially there are hundreds of crosswords for you to solve.

How many of these crosswords can you solve, and how many will leave you scratching your head and unsure of what to answer? Well, if there are more than a few crosswords that are making you think a little too hard for your own good, we can refer you to this Word Connected 3: Crosswords answers and solutions, where we answer the first four levels, all complete for your easy reference. This is just a beginner’s guide, so to say, but if the early crosswords are proving tricky, you can definitely refer to this list of answers.

Words Connected 3: Crosswords Answers Level 1

#1- 1. Breakfast, eggs, spoon, fork, pancakes, sugar, sifter, napkin.
#1- 2. Tress, bench, seagull, flowers, sand, shoreline, beach.
#1- 3. Apricots, fruits, cherries, currants, bowl, table.
#1- 4. Fire, comfort, coffee, fireplace, steam, phone, warm, tablet, slipper.
#1- 5. Bracelet, cutlery, coffee, waffles, water, bottle, teacup, napkins, dishes, meal.

Words Connected 3: Crosswords Answers Level 2

#2- 1. Carrots, wood, peeler, celeriac, plank, roots, parsley, leek, vegetables, knife.
#2- 2. Earring, gears, surrealism, beard, buttons, thorax, shirt, man.
#2- 3. Poultry, hens, pumpkin, sky, sunflowers, clouds, wheels, wheelbarrow, hay.
#2- 4. Feathers, embroidery, notes, mystery, pearl, music, carnival, mask.
#2- 5. Pomegranate, exotic, fruits, seeds, slices, passiflora, persimmon.

Words Connected 3: Crosswords Answers Level 3

#3- 1. Cactus, map, meeting, notebook, laptop, camera, coffee, water, hands, notes, cup.
#3- 2. Sport, players, gymnasium, referee, uniforms, stripes, basketball, team, whistle, throw.
#3- 3. Scale, bowl, cooking, dishes, sink, retro, woman, kitchen, pantry.
#3- 4. Marina, reflection, hooks, octopus, motor, rope, boats, tentacles, hull.
#3- 5. Lamppost, statue, sculpture, angel, wings, silhouette, sun, horn.

Words Connected 3: Crosswords Answers Level 4

#4- 1. Sushi, rice, cookbook, cooking, food, Makisu, Japanese, recipe, seaweed.
#4- 2. Painting, pottery, market, tablecloth, souvenirs, colors, statue.
#4- 3. Appetizer, strawberries, food, wine, degustation, celebration, platters.
#4- 4. Raspberry, shell, leaves, snail, nature, mollusk, moss, transparency.
#4- 5. Cedar, garden, architecture, clouds, castle, fountain, medieval.