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Rio: Match 3 Party Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

If you enjoyed the movie, then you will definitely enjoy the puzzle game spinoff for iOS and Android. Rio: Match 3 Party reintroduces you to the avian gang from the animated film as it accompanies them in their quest for fruits. Your goal is to help them get those fruits by matching three or more of the same type of fruit in the puzzle. Each puzzle has its own objective requirements before you can complete them. It’s all in good fun but the stages get more complicated as you progress in the game. Check out our list of Rio: Match 3 tips, cheats and tricks to help you complete all puzzles!

1. Don’t Lose Focus

Matching those fruits can be fun and you might find yourself trying to go for complex combos but don’t forget your objectives. You only have a certain number of moves you can make in each stage so you would not want to waste those moves trying to accomplish unnecessary feats. Always keep your objective for each stage in mind and work towards meeting those objectives first before you try anything else.

2. Create Special Fruits

Speaking of combos, lining up more fruits in one move will produce special fruits. These special fruits have different effects depending on how many fruits you were able to line up in order to create them. Familiarize yourself with how these special fruits affect the board and use them to your advantage. Do not just randomly use them whenever you can. Analyze your board and see if you can line up even more combos if you use the special fruits correctly. You also need to be careful when using them as they may accidentally prevent you from completing objectives.

3. Plan Ahead

An added challenge to the game is how the layout of the puzzle changes after a while. You will need to take this into consideration when planning your future moves. You may have special fruits saved up for future use only to have them rendered useless by changes in the layout. Prepare yourself for these situations and try to use the special fruits before the layout changes. It can be frustrating but you will feel more accomplished if you overcome this added challenge.

4. Switching Characters

There are several different birds to choose from in the game. You can choose a different bird in between games but you cannot use more than one bird so choose carefully. Each bird has his or her own set of abilities that can be used on a puzzle. If you are struggling with a particular puzzle, you may want to try out a different character and see if the skills of that character can be used to complete the puzzle. Learn all the abilities of the birds so you know which one would be best for which level. This isn’t something you need to focus on too much in earlier levels but as you go further in the game, the correct character will make all the difference in completing the puzzle.

Help the birds collect fruits and conquer all the stages in Rio: Match 3 Party by using our strategy guide!


Friday 29th of March 2019

What do you use the gold coins for? I’ve checked everywhere and it doesn’t explain