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Gunpie Adventure Cheats, Tips & Guide for Beating All Levels

Journey through ancient ruins and kill thousands of monsters in Gunpie Adventure! This shooter game for iOS and Android lets you control your character as you hunt for artifacts and try to save the world from the evil Sirius. The game offers real 3D shooting that requires speed and accuracy in order to survive the endless hordes of enemies.

There are over 200 levels to complete and you will need to use our Gunpie Adventure tips and tricks in order to conquer them all.

1. Save Your Bullets

The enemies are endless but your bullets are not. You have multiple guns but they are still limited by the amount of ammo they have. Make your shots count or you will end up getting overwhelmed by enemies without any weapon to defend yourself with. Keep an eye out for extra ammo in the stages but do not depend on these to restock your supply. It’s good if you can pick up additional ammo but it is best if you use your bullets efficiently to stay on the safe side.

2. Know Which Weapon to Use

There are several weapons you can use in each stage. While sticking to your favorite is acceptable, it’s best to use weapons to their full potential. For example, if you are being swarmed by enemies, shooting them down one at a time can get you killed. You should take advantage of the rapid fire of the machine gun. Shotguns are more useful in boss battles since they deal high damage to single targets. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each weapon so you can gauge when it is best to use them.

3. How To Kill The Boss

Speaking of boss battles, you will need to have a strategy in fighting bosses. You can’t just charge at them head first with whatever weapon you happen to have equipped. Knowing that a boss battle will eventually come, you should always keep a high-powered weapon loaded so you won’t be whittling away at the boss health with a pistol. You should also take time to study the movement patterns and behavior of each boss in order to determine when to attack and when to duck for cover.

4. Maximize The Map

Some of the items in the map you can interact with. Shooting or destroying these items can damage or even kill your enemies. Take advantage of these items on the map to help you take out more enemies at once and conserve ammo. A keen eye and quick reaction times can save you a lot of trouble in this game.

5. Strengthen Your Character

You can’t rely on just your skill to complete the higher stages. The enemies will increase in numbers and in power. You will need to upgrade your character in order to keep progressing in the game. Another thing you need to work on is upgrading your vehicle. It has a separate life bar from your character. Even if your character is fine, if your vehicle’s life bar is reduced to zero, you will still fail the stage.

Now it is time to go into battle with guns blazing in Gunpie Adventure! Follow the tips and tricks above and you will conquer the 200 levels with ease!