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Paper Wings Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

Flying is already tricky enough to begin with but Paper Wings takes it to another level by turning you into an origami bird. Available on iOS and Android, the goal of this mobile game is to collect as many glowing balls as possible without falling into the water. Since you are not a real bird, you will need to depend on physics to keep yourself from plummeting into a watery grave. The realistic physics of the game makes it more fun but also makes it all the more challenging. If you want to keep your origami bird in the air, you should rely on our Paper Wings tips and tricks!

1. Learning How To Fly

Unfortunately, there is no fly button. You will need to swipe left or right to change directions. As mentioned before, the game has somewhat realistic physics so you need to think about where you are making your origami bird turn. Sometimes you will need to loop back and forth in order to gain momentum and keep yourself airborne. Take time to master the controls as the stages get more difficult as you go along. It’s best to get used to the controls early on in the game.

2. The Screen Loop

The good thing about the game is the screen loop. That means flying off screen to the right will have your origami bird fly in from the left. You can take advantage of this because you will not need to fly back if the glowing ball is falling on the other side of the screen. You will just need to fly off screen to come out on the other side. Keep this in mind to maximize the number of glowing balls that you catch in each stage.

3. Collecting Glowing Balls

Even though your goal is to collect glowing balls, you don’t need to get yourself killed trying to catch all of them. If a glowing ball is dropping too fast or is too far to reach, you can just let it go. There will be more where that came from and there is no penalty for missing. Just concentrate on keeping your origami bird in the air and catch the glowing balls only when there is no risk of falling too low. You can always catch more as the stage goes on.

4. Getting More Birds

You can unlock more origami birds as you play the game. Some of them need to be bought while others are given to you as rewards. Switching origami birds have no effect on the gameplay and are purely cosmetic. They add a bit of fun factor to the game and make good trophies.

5. Watch Ads To Get Coins

You will get advertisement pop ups from time to time as you are playing the game. You will have the option to watch them in exchange for coins. These advertisements also give you the option to revive if you die. You don’t need to watch them if you don’t feel like it but they can be pretty useful if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

Fly off with your origami bird in Paper Wings! Just follow the tips and tricks above to stay in the air for as long as possible.