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Cube Escape: The Cave Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Beat the Game

If you are up for a bit of mystery-solving, then it’s time to put your thinking cap on for Cube Escape: The Cave! Available on both iOS and Android, this game puts a nice little twist on the puzzle genre by giving you a series of puzzles and brain teasers to solve in order to unlock the secrets of the cave. The graphics may be simple but the mysteries inside are not. You will need to solve everything to beat the game. If you find yourself stuck, check out our Cube Escape: The Cave strategy guide for help!

1. Time Is On Your Side

There is no need to rush things when playing this game. The goal is to complete all the puzzles but there is no timer in each puzzle and there is no reward for finishing any of them quickly. The game is geared towards playing for the sake of experience so enjoy the mystery and play at your own pace. If you are struggling to complete a puzzle, take a breather and come back to it later. You might just need a break in order to get a fresh set of eyes and see the puzzle from a different perspective.

2. Check Everything Out

The simplicity of the graphics adds to the complexity of the game because it becomes more difficult to figure out which parts of the puzzle are clickable. Clicking on an interactive piece will either solve the puzzle or have an effect that will get you on the path to solving the puzzle. Since you can’t tell which pieces are interactive, just click on everything you can and hope to get lucky.

3. Taking Items With You

Some of the interactive pieces in the game are actually items that you can carry with you. These may be useful in solving puzzles in other rooms of the cave but there are also those that do nothing. Since you only have a limited number of slots for items, it would be best to pick things up only when you have an idea what to use them for. You can always pick them up later on once you know where to use them.

4. Double Back On Solved Cases

Interactive pieces don’t only affect things in the same room. There are times that they also trigger things in other rooms. This is why you should always take time to check back on previous rooms to see if anything was triggered in them. Sometimes there would be additional puzzles to solve as a result of a trigger from a different room.

5. Checking Out Guides

If you have been playing the game for a while and are itching to find out all the answers, then you may opt to read a walkthrough of the game. There are several walkthroughs available online even if the game is fairly new. This tip is not for everyone since other players prefer to experience the puzzles while others want answers fast.

You are now fully prepared to unlock the mysteries of Cube Escape: The Cave! Just refer to our strategy guide and you will not lose your way.