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Dirt Xtreme Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Race Your Way to Victory

Get your adrenaline pumping as you race against bikers from all over the world in Dirt Xtreme! A racing simulation game for iOS and Android, this game lets you experience what it is like to manage your own career in the world of dirt bikes. You get to customize your character, assemble your own bike, and race in exotic locations. Suit up and aim to be the best in the world. Don’t worry about the competition because you can rely on our Dirt Xtreme tips and tricks to help you get on that leaderboard!

1. Learn How To Ride

You can’t forget how to ride a bike but just because you can ride one in real life does not mean you will be able to do so inside the game. Do not under estimate the importance of mastering controls in a racing game. Feel free to customize the controls as you see fit but the default settings work just as well. What you need to work on is knowing how to tilt your bike without falling. You also need to master the timing of tilting left and right in order to keep yourself from crashing into the dirt. It takes a while to get used to but with enough practice, you should be able to get a good handle on it.

2. Perform Tricks

Of course, if you are living your dream of becoming a dirt bike superstar, you will feel the urge to perform tricks when you are launched into the air. You are free to perform tricks whenever you want but keep in mind that tricks do not help you win the race. If you are ahead or if you are comfortable with your ability to finish the race on top, you can perform tricks to keep things interesting. Otherwise, just stick to the basics and focus on finishing the race.

3. Try Going Solo

Racing against other players can be intimidating and you might lose your focus. It would be best to try the career mode first if you are still learning the ropes. The career mode lets you race against computer-controlled enemies and rewards you with bikes. It is a good way to practice while still getting some bonuses in return. It also allows you to play the game without the added pressure of wanting to do well in front of other players.

4. Competing Against Other Players

Getting tired of playing against the computer? Once you feel confident in your racing skills, you may enter multiplayer races. You will be competing against players from all over the globe so you can expect to face some of the best riders in the game. Real players also behave differently compared to computer-controlled ones so it might feel different during your first few races. If you fare well against other players, you can take it up a notch by participating in tournaments for better rewards.

5. Pimp Up Your Ride

If you want to stand out in the race track, you can customize your bike in a number of ways. You can change the colors and accessories of your bike to match your mood. You can also opt for a few upgrades that will tweak the performance of your bike during a race.

Jumpstart your career as a dirt bike rider by following our list of Dirt Xtreme tips and tricks!


Thursday 7th of October 2021

Great game Just having issues passing level 10/30 on last wave