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Sword of Shadows Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Martial Arts Legend

Famous for their MMO games inspired by Asian lore, game developer Snail Games USA releases another hit with stunning visuals and unique gameplay. Sword of Shadows is a martial arts MMO for Android. It boasts of beautiful 3D graphics as well as fast-paced dynamic combat. Create your character by choosing to join one of the five schools, each having their own fighting style and customization. Are you feeling the pressure of battle now? There is nothing to fear because our list of Sword of Shadows tips, tricks and cheats will take you on a path to become a legendary martial artist!

1. Quests Are Your Bread And Butter

The higher your level is, the stronger you are. The good thing about this game is that there is an easy way to level up and that is through completing quests. There is a steady flow of quests to be completed from the different NPCs inside the game. You just need to have the patience needed to keep doing quests even if it mostly involves walking around and talking to people. The game itself can be mostly automated so if you really don’t like grinding, you can just let the game do its thing. Just remember to check back on the game from time to time in case you need to tap on something.

2. Mastering Combat

Most mobile MMOs give you the usual basic attack plus a set of skills that you mash whenever they are available. It is mostly the same for this game during the earlier levels. After completing specific quests, however, you will gain access to the defense and break skills. These two skills make the combat system in this game more dynamic as you will need to have better awareness of what is going on in game in order to use these two skills effectively.

The defense skill allows you to mitigate incoming damage. If timed correctly, it can even prevent damage from enemy skills. You will know that this skill is active when you see a blue shield icon over your character’s head. The break skill, on the other hand, is the opposite of the defense skill. As the name suggests, it breaks the defense of your enemy. If you see the blue shield icon on an enemy, use the break skill and it will shatter the shield which signals your chance for an attack.

3. Time To Beef Up

As you progress in the game, you will notice that increasing your base level is not enough to ensure victory. The good news is that there are several different ways in which you can improve your character’s attributes in order to make him stronger.

The first way to strengthen your character is to have better gear. You can forge your existing equipment using the forging stones that you received from quests. The number of times you can forge is limited by your level so do not forget to upgrade your gear after every level.

The second way is to cultivate your combat skills. Cultivation requires a tribute of silver and cultivation points. It takes a while to complete this process so make sure you always have a skill lined up to make sure you maximize the time.

The third option to get better attributes for your character is to improve your internal skills. Different schools have different passive skills that give you an advantage in battle. The process for improving these skills are the same as the combat skills. You just need to make sure that a skill is always cultivating and you will be able to see a stronger character in no time.

4. Donations Are Welcome

Do not neglect your alma mater. Always donate to your chosen school. This will help your character get better renown in school and, in turn, get better boosts from the school. You can only donate to your school once per day so make sure you don’t miss a day in order to maximize your boosts as soon as possible.

5. Getting Free Stuff

Another thing you should not neglect is claiming the numerous freebies available in the game. There are several Event icons located at the top right area of the screen. A red exclamation mark on an Event icon indicates that a freebie is available for claiming. Check these out from time to time to make sure you don’t miss any rewards. Events include Novice Gift, Bonuses, Daily Login, and more.

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