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Tiny Bombers Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Make things explode as you run along in this unique endless runner game for iOS. Tiny Bombers features cute little characters that plant bombs in order to clear blocks. The goal is to keep clearing blocks to continuously progress through the maze. The mechanics may seem simple but the maze gets more complicated the farther you go. You will eventually need the help of our Tiny Bombers tips and tricks if you want to get the highest scores possible in this game.

1. Not Everything Blows Up

When you play the game a few times, you will find that there are obstacles that you cannot blow up. It will take a bit of keen observation on your part to determine which blocks can be blown up and which ones will just waste your time. The layout changes randomly so there is no point in memorizing the locations of the indestructible obstacles. The best way to go about it is to be quick in planting your bombs and keep blowing everything up. Keep in mind, though, that you are not indestructible. Be careful and always have an escape plan before plopping down one of your bombs.

2. Touch And Go

Since the game is an endless runner, you can expect that there will be a life-threatening mechanic that will always be on your trail. To be more specific, the floor will be falling off behind you, probably due to the damage sustained by the structure from all the bombs you’ve been planting. The floor isn’t always right behind you, though. This gives you time to pick up some items and coins before you will need to run off to the next area. Use your best judgement when to gather items and when to make a run for it.

3. Take Advantage Of The Power Ups

Once in a while, you will see power ups pop up inside the maze. There are two types of power ups – permanent and temporary. The speed boost and the bomb that blows up blocks in an area are temporary ones. They are consumed as soon as they are used and you will need to encounter another one if you want to use them again. Permanent power ups take effect for the entire duration of the run. Examples of permanent power ups are the ones that increase the range of your bombs and the ones that increase the maximum number of bombs you can plant. Keep your eyes peeled for these power ups as they will make your runs a lot easier if you know how to use them.

4. Activate The Co-op Mode

A rare feature this game has is the co-op mode. It will allow you to connect with a friend and start a run together. In order to activate the co-op mode, you will need two iOS devices with Apple TV. You will be able to play with a friend this way even though it takes a bit of effort. The game does not have an online feature yet so this is the only option you currently have to play with a friend.

5. Getting Additional Characters

After gathering a boatload of coins, you’re probably wondering what to spend them on. One way to spend them is to unlock additional characters. Changing characters in the game is purely cosmetic and does not change the way you play the game at all but it is a good goal to aim for. Try unlocking as many characters as you can and switch them up in between runs.

It’s time to blow things up! Get high scores and a lot of coins in Tiny Bombers by following the tips and tricks we gave you!