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Ticket to Earth Tips & Cheats: 3 Hints You Need to Know

Robot Circus’ new mobile game called Ticket to Earth is a new iOS-only game where the backdrop has you in a distant plant, where a mining boom has “left New Providence to die,” with only one Earthbound ship remaining. Main character and survivor Rose is standing up against the corrupt system, and as you control her and other characters and take part in battles, you will devise the best possible strategy in this tale of “betrayal and insurrection.” But what the game doesn’t say right away is that this is a puzzle/RPG hybrid, or as Robot Circus says, a new style of gameplay, or a mash-up of puzzle and tactics games. The game’s RPG narrative will also be delivered over four “big” episodes, all to be released with no additional costs, but for the meantime, all you have is the one episode that sets the mood for the “gripping” RPG narrative.

This is a new game that was just released as part of Apple’s indie games event earlier this month, and it offers a great amount of depth, as well as a rich storyline in just that one chapter alone. And while this is a puzzle RPG, this is definitely not your average Match 3/RPG hybrid. There’s so much to learn about this game, but we’re going to keep things as simple as possible with a few basic Ticket to Earth tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Take Your Time To Come Up With A Plan

Like your average puzzle game, there is no time limit of sorts in Ticket to Earth. You’ve got two actions per turn, and with all the time available at your disposal, you can plan your strategy carefully. Think of your first move, but also think of the move that’s going to follow. Think of what you need to do and where you need to go after your first move plays out; you might be running into enemies if you don’t plan things correctly! Be prepared and take advantage of the unlimited time you have.

2. Play Defensively

Once again, it’s that good old-fashioned tip about the best offense being the best defense. If you get too close to the enemy, they can easily gang up on you and end your run way before you want it to. When making turns, you want to end up in a safe place where you’ll be out of harm’s way, and in case you end up close to the enemy, you want to have a backup plan in place so you can evade them and keep them at bay.

3. You Have Speed On Your Side

One thing you do have going for you is your speed. Use that to the fullest, as you will be faster than some enemies, but not all of them. The robots in the game tend to be easy to avoid, and they don’t have much range on them; they’re only capable of attacking you if they’re on an adjacent tile. That’s where hit-and-run tactics could come into play – stay in motion around the grid, and take them out in one hit once the opportunity arises.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Ticket to Earth! If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment section!