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Dirty Birdy Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Dirty Birdy is, as they call it, an “evil-minded rhyme game” from Evil Studios for Android and iOS. It’s a game for all of you word game fans out there who don’t mind a little “dirty humor” from time to time – you’ve got tons of dirty-minded puzzles to solve, and it’s as simple as finding the word that completes the riddle or question, typically a rhyming word. Use the letters found in the word bank and build a two-word rhyming phrase, but use some hints if you have to. Just hit on the bottom if you need some clues, and you’re set – there are hundreds of levels, and the game is being updated on a regular basis to add more riddles for you to solve!

Now many of the riddles may come with familiar answers, but others may be a bit harder to solve. So what’s to do if you’re unable to figure things out? Why, simply read on and check out our compilation of Dirty Birdy answers and solutions, where we solve the first 33 levels in the game. Just a little word of warning – aside from our usual warning not to read the answers from top to bottom, keep in mind that some of the answers may be a bit NSFW! Please be guided accordingly.

Dirty Birdy Answers Level 1

#1: Dirty Birds
#2: Cock Block
#3: Tramp Stamp
#4: Quack Back
#5: Best Breast
#6: Spank Bank
#7: Snail Mail
#8: Fender Bender
#9: Small Ball
#10: Cat Hat

#11: Dolls Balls
#12: Grope Church
#13: Zoo Stew
#14: Dead Head
#15: Booze Cruise
#16: Trump Hump
#17: Bought Pot
#18: Stable Table
#19: Word Jerk
#20: Thrown Stone

#21: Gang Bang
#22: Torn Porn
#23: Loose Noose
#24: Toad Load
#25: Cool Pool
#26: Dick Pic
#27: Gold Mold
#28: Boner Owner
#29: Long Dong
#30: Taint Paint

#31: Butt Slut
#32: Shit Fit
#33: Dear Beer