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Word Baker Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Word Baker is an exciting new word game that’s now available exclusively for Android devices. This is a stimulating brain game, highly entertaining and educational for everyone!

By playing Word Baker you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. You’ll never experience a dull moment after you try this most addicting word puzzle game! Play this crossword puzzle once and you won’t be able to put it down!

word baker answers

Bake the word by just swiping fingers on your screen. It’s time to have fun while mingling the words and add extra words in your dictionary.
Enjoy the game by baking words in your own way. And if you are stuck, here we are to help you! Below you can check out our complete list of Word Baker answers, cheats and solutions!



word baker malicoco answers

1: he, the
2: an, ad, and
3: of, or, for
4: as, say
5: but, tub
6: of, go, fog
7: ow, low, owl
8: to, opt, pot, top
9: arm, ram, mar
10: as, ash, has
11: or, do, rod
12: at, pat, apt, tap


word baker secret spiral answers

1: at, hat, tat, that
2: it, hit, hi, with, wit, whit
3: he, hey, the, they, yet
4: of, from, or, form, for
5: at, hat, what, thaw
6: no, own, on, won, wok, know, now, wonk
7: it, time, me, item, tie, mite, met, emit
8: yea, era, rye, are, ray, year, ear
9: we, new, he, hen, hew, when
10: at, eat, tea, take, ate, teak

11: her, are, ear, hear, era, hare
12: pal, yap, lap, lay, ply, play, pay
13: lie, vile, vie, veil, live, evil
14: us, must, sum, smut, tum
15: at, act, fat, cat, aft, fact
16: ow, row, or, rod, do, word
17: in, kid, kin, din, ink, kind
18: on, log, no, long, go


word baker traviata answers

1: in, to, not, it, nit, ton, no, tin, into, on, ion
2: or, you, our, your
3: at, tan, an, ant, hat, than
4: ilk, lie, lei, like
5: he, net, the, hen, ten, then
6: me, ore, or, roe, rem, more
7: an, ant, at, tan, wan, want
8: if, din, in, find, fin
9: veg, vie, give
10: am, may, my, yam, an, any, man, many