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Planet Bomber! (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Drive Up Your High Score

Some people just want to watch the world burn, while others look at the bigger picture. Why terrorize just one planet when you can travel across galaxies and do the same thing over and over? Voodoo’s new mobile game called Planet Bomber! is exactly what you think it is. You go around from planet to planet, bombing them until there is nothing left. This epic time waster for mobile devices puts you in charge of the interplanetary assault. Your job is to ensure nothing remains of each planet. Of course, it takes more than will power to wreak havoc on galaxies. You will have to upgrade the fire power, frequency, and accuracy of your bombs if you want to keep on rampaging. To do that, you will need a lot of money. That is where our Planet Bomber! cheats, tips and tricks comes in. Make sure you read on to learn how to bomb like a pro!

1. Targeted Attacks Are Better

Planet Bomber! will randomly send out your bombs to the planet being attacked. If you leave the game open, the random bombs will probably be able to wipe out the planet eventually. There is a more efficient way to go about it, though. Keep in mind that your goal is to hit the core of the planet in order to destroy it. You can do this more quickly if you target the same area repeatedly. To do this, you just need to guide the bombs to the spot you want to attack by tapping on it. You will need to adjust your tap since the planet is spinning, so pay attention. Once you dig a big enough hole in one side, you should be able to bomb the core without waiting for the entire planet’s crust to disintegrate. Make sure you tap on the side of the planet because the bombs will still randomly aim if you tap on the center!

2. What’s The Point?

Once you have blown up a planet, you will probably notice that you actually did not earn anything from it. You are probably wondering, then, why you bothered to blow it up so quickly. You need to go through the regular ones, so you can reach the odd-shaped boss planets. Blowing up the boss planets will reward you with a lot of extra cash. On top of that, you also get to level up more quickly and unlock new types of bombs along the way.

3. Don’t Forget Your Upgrades

As we mentioned before, you will eventually need to upgrade your bombs if you want to keep on progressing in the game. There are several upgrade options available for you. The first upgrade is Power, and it increases the size of the explosion of each bomb. That means each bomb will take away a bigger chunk of the planet as its power increases. This is the most important upgrade in the game, so buy as much of it as you can. The second upgrade is spawn rate. This game does not let you spawn your own bombs, you merely guide them. Higher spawn rates mean you get more bombs to guide. It takes a while for this upgrade to have noticeable effects, so it is hardly worth investing in unless you have nothing else to use money on.

Gravity and Accuracy upgrades help you send bombs to specific locations, so you should invest in them if you plan on following our first advice about targeted attacks. Keep purchasing these two until you are satisfied with your targeting. The last upgrade is offline earnings. While it sounds good on paper, it really does not earn you as much as you would want. Your best source of income is still actively playing the game. Invest in it only if you will be spending a lot of time away from the game.

4. Keep The Game On

As we said above, offline earnings do not compare to the amount you earn from bombing planets. If you want to earn a ton of money, just leave the game on for as long as you can, even if you are not playing. Leave it plugged into a power source and make sure the auto-sleep function is turned off. The random bombs will still do a pretty decent job of obliterating planets while you are away, so you will have a ton of money waiting for you when you return.

It is time for you to rake in the cash while blowing up planets in Planet Bomber! Stick to our Planet Bomber! cheats, tips and tricks above to ensure intergalactic domination!

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